Dear Reader

Year 2020 will be engraved in our memories as one that taught us resilience, solidarity, agility while it also made us value the importance of trust, love, faith and respect towards nature and its dynamics.

While we remain committed to our purpose, this year also marks an important milestone for us.

Today we Become One.

In the past 365 days, while carrying creative voices across causes and countries on, we have unknowingly and knowingly journeyed towards…

Becoming One with our purpose
Becoming One with the earth
Becoming One with humanity
Becoming One with ourselves
Becoming One world beyond discrimination
Becoming One with soul and science
Becoming One with transformation
Becoming One with creation
Becoming One with YOU.

Headquartered in India, last year we embarked on the journey of creating a platform that has global outreach, showcasing the best of creative explorations and innovations from world over, bringing talent and luminaries to draw timeless inspiration from. We complete one orbit around the sun today, spinning nonstop in a glorious stir: of creative passion and commitment to quality content driven by in-depth insights, rich narratives and perspectives from internationally acclaimed professionals to encourage dialogue and discourse, probe thinking and stimulate change.

At the axis of veracity, STIRworld celebrates Oneness with YOU.

I am delighted to share that in these times of great challenge, we have taken up greater responsibility. The people who make STIR are holding strong while we are all surrounded by uncertainties. Today, we are set to roll out many special initiatives in diverse formats. Cross Border Conversations will see creative leaders talking across continents; our Made In… series showcases the best native design from different countries as looking inward becomes most important for reviving economies, and STIR’s social channels are set to be steered by experts from different disciplines.

Beyond focusing on variety in content creation and ensuring a wide reach for its consumption globally, we are also working on a few new initiatives that enable connects within the industry and collaborations amongst the community.

But the most exciting part of this journey is to have You on it. We would like to invite you to share one thought, one idea, one suggestion or one recommendation that will help us shape our vision ahead while keeping yours in mind – join the STIRversary celebrations and Become One with us!

We have also launched a fun tool to have you join the celebrations. We invite you to CLICK HERE to try out the STIR filters on Instagram and request you to post using #BecomingOne on your IG stories.

Thank you for all your love and support. We will soon meet on the other side of things.

Sharing one of my favourite lines from author Neil Gaiman…
“We are tougher than we seem. We are tougher than we think. Our stories will outlive us. Let's make them good.”


Amit Gupta
Founder and Editor-in-Chief

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