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What is real? What’s an illusion? Can one predict the future? Your future is your mental projection overlaid on existing reality and your past memories. It has the ability to twist and turn that reality, to write a new narrative every moment.

What you fear, what you desire, what you fantasize, what you lust after; it all presents itself as moments triggered as markers over your timeline, the path you choose, becomes your future.


Manish Gulati, Anuj Mittal

M:OFA Studios was founded in 2002 by Manish and Tanushree Gulati, both graduates from CEPT Ahmedabad. Fluid in M:OFA is a way of thinking and a working methodology - a process of integrating experience, innovation, design and technology across time, project and context.
The firm adheres to design as a subconscious process, which starts with a set of ideas and progresses with involving clients, engineers, artists, scientists and contractors into becoming an integral part of this cognitive collaboration.

Material Partner


Intersekt, spearheaded by Vidur Arora and Ridhi Arora, offers high quality home décor products including floor and wall coverings as well as bath and wellness products. Born out of Marmo Home, one of India’s leading distributors of international tiles, Intersekt is the company’s retail venture for the home décor segment, and delivers exactly what its name promises – an intersection of thought, opinion and design. Armed with a rich heritage of experiences and a focus on delivering unique designs, the young and trendy retail brand continues to take forward the eighty-five year old legacy of Marmo Home, by helping create dream spaces.


6:30 pm, 11 JAN 2019

(by invite only)


12 JAN – 16 MAR 2019

(daily 3 pm – 7:30 pm, except Sundays and Public Holidays)


STIR Gallery

2 North Drive, DLF Chattarpur Farms, New Delhi


for a guided walkthrough, write to us at:

+91 11 2680 9377/8/9, +91 7838120015