Rewind to late October…a meeting over a Kejriwal Toast at The Willingdon Club in Mumbai, between Amit Gupta (Founder & Curator, STIR) and Pramiti Madhavji (Founder, The Blue Pencil Design Company), where they get chatting about STIR-ring up the design scene with, "Let's do something different at the helm of New Year…”

The timing here was just right…it was nearly the end of the year, and like us, there are many who want to know the stories we tell. Excited one thinks, “What is 2019 going to be like for me?” Pessimistic or optimistic, the curiosity angle always gets the better of us in these matters. With this at the top of our mind, the conversation took a design route on the future and morphed into what we call today ‘Materiology’ – where a series of designers use variegated materials to define their abstract of what the future holds.

Creating unique installations, the designers tell their stories through their selected materials, connecting the dots of the nuances of its applied nature and what it can predict in coming times. Using fibre, texture, grains, coarseness, malleability, tactility etc, the creatives weave and narrate an expression that they, ‘the stars' (our selected group of designers) foretell about what the future means to them and how others could relate to it.

These artworks convey a narrative influenced by -

  • Changing ecological ecosystems
  • Shifting human behaviour
  • Psychological/physiological adaption of the built environment
  • Socio-political environments
  • Intervention of technologies like AI

Materiology intends to captivate the audience with a unique theme that transcends the boundaries of current trends and takes them to a new dimension!

The Future to us is...seeing things in a different light.

What is it to you?

What happens when tomorrow becomes today?


Curator & Director | STIR

Amit Gupta is the founder and curator of STIR (See. Think. Inspire. Reflect). With over 20 years of experience in curating architecture, design and art initiatives, Amit has developed and spearheaded unique opportunities to propagate design related dialogue and discourse through exhibitions, conferences, workshops, and the highly acclaimed journal, mondo*arc india. STIR is now poised to go global with its upcoming digital platform www.stirworld.com enabling collaboration, networking and knowledge dissemination through curated content from across the world.

Creative Brand Consultant | The Blue Pencil Design Company

Pramiti Madhavji started her own creative consultancy, The Blue Pencil Design Company in May 2018. Having been the Founding Editor/Editor-in-Chief of ELLE DECOR India, Founding Member of India Design ID and curator of Dinner with Friends as Editorial Director of Ogaan, she has over 20 years of experience in publishing and events. Her knowledge also extends from client servicing to graphic design due to her initial stint in advertising.

The Blue Pencil Design Company

Owned by Pramiti Madhavji, it is an independant brand strategy and design consultancy, that was started in Mumbai in May 2018. It provides creative and tactical expertise to brands in the home decor space.

With an involvement of over 30 years in creative and brand advertising, editorial, concepts and ideation, with the studio, Pramiti addresses creative solutions for product launches, builds new IPs and strategises to build unusual one-of-a-kind events besides being an influencer for the category.

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STIR has begun the new year with a one of its kind exhibition, titled MATERIOLOGY. Curated by Amit Gupta (Director, STIR) and Pramiti Madhavji (Creative Brand Consultant,The Blue Pencil Design Company), Materiology as a term has been coined from the idea of taking a diverse palette of materials and through them expressing a tale of what the future may hold (astrology). Therefore, 9 designers have chosen a material each (ranging from concrete, wood, plastic, ceramic, steel, bamboo, leather, fabric to technology), using which, they have created 9 unique installations, the experience of which, foretells the future. As one traverses the exhibition, their engagement with design, space, materials and perspectives allows them to thread together their own story of what may lie ahead and deliberate on “What Happens When Tomorrow Becomes Today?". Held at the STIR Gallery in New Delhi, the show concluded an enthralling preview of the works on 11 January 2019. The evening was graced by distinguished personalities and professionals from the field of architecture, art, design and allied fields.

The exhibition is open for view to the public till 25 February 2019, daily between 3:00pm – 7:30pm, except Sundays and public holidays. For a curated walkthrough, please contact: zohra@stirdesign.in

Instituted in 2014, STIR was founded to promote, propagate and foster creativity and innovation in the fields of design, architecture and interactive art in India and across the world. Over the years, STIR has manifested through varying media to facilitate the exchange of ideas, enable collaborations, showcase trends and technology, and create a collective of enthusiasts from different streams of the creative realm.

In 2015, STIR launched its first initiative - mondo*arc india, a content-led and perspective-driven publication that soon become the country's fastest-growing design journal. It garnered popular acclaim as 'the well-read design magazine' and enjoyed an unmatched reputation among professionals, students and enthusiasts alike.

Stepping into 2019 and seeing the tide turn from hard-copy media towards a digital revolution and increasing demand for easy and convenient content consumption, STIR has decided to shift attention from the print publication to a digital platform – and thus announces www.stirworld.com

This new avatar would be an extension of what STIR has always taken pride in doing – offering exclusively curated, carefully analysed and meticulously presented content, now consolidated in an online publication, along with arenas for cross-disciplinary collaborations, industry connects and community building through online and offline activities in order to reach out to a much larger audience of design enthusiasts, consumers, next-generation creators and thinkers. Through these initiatives, STIR aims to become the bridge for local and global creative expertise and explorations.


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