Blue Bicycle Design x Sarita Handa

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For me, using textile waste is a way of defining a wide range of conversations on the ‘discarded’ and ‘disregarded’. Textile waste is an aspect of the global waste crisis that is rarely discussed. This presents an opportunity to rethink how we can reduce and reuse this waste more intelligently than ever by creating value.

This work is an attempt to use textile waste meaningfully and re-embrace it back into the circle of creativity; to look at things with a new perspective and find sustainable solutions through creativity and invention.

The collaboration with Sarita Handa is manifested as an exciting new canvas for our vision to take the sustainability drive forward together by cherishing and repurposing scraps from the company’s archives and breathing a new life in them.

Blue Bicycle Design

Arrti Mansinghka

“The possibilities of working with textiles are limitless and magical,” says artist Arrti Mansinghka, founder, Blue Bicycle Design, as she speaks of her textile works that range from landscapes, seascapes to flora, fauna and human portraits. Each of these is created from layers of scrap fabrics that she painstakingly sources and then cuts in strips to create a collage. Inspired by nature and life around her, Arrti thinks of compositions and then finalizes an idea after many sketches and references. “Getting the right colour, texture and cut to sit next to one another is a challenging process as each fabric comes with its own nuances. The work gets layered fabric on fabric, relying purely on my instinct.” Arrti predominantly uses waste fabric, each of which brings its own story and an element of sustainability adds another interesting dimension to her engaging artwork.

Material Partner

Sarita Handa

Sarita Handa is all about pure design made with uncompromised craftsmanship. Conceived in 1992 by designer Sarita Handa who having sought to bring together her love of design and keen aesthetic sense created an exquisite range of home textiles that perfectly compliment the modern home. What started out as an internationally inspired textile and linen range, over the years has turned into a comprehensive line of furniture and decorative accessories. Rooted in and inspired by the rich heritage of Indian textiles, for over two decades, the brand has been at the vanguard of taking the best of Indian textile craftsmanship to the world.



6:30 pm, 11 JAN 2019

(by invite only)


12 JAN – 16 MAR 2019

(daily 3 pm – 7:30 pm, except Sundays and Public Holidays)


STIR Gallery

2 North Drive, DLF Chattarpur Farms, New Delhi


for a guided walkthrough, write to us at: zohra@stirdesign.in

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