Josmo x MCM Unfired Clay Cladding

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Step into the Time Box and the future is anywhere.

The cylindrical column placed at the center of the box creates a kinetic energy to catapult a passenger to whatever period they imagine – wherever they desire.

Fashioned out of wood and mirror, the dual materials of the Time Box represent the past and the future. Wood, nature’s bounty, embodies the earthy now – warm and memorable. Mirror, impermanent and adaptive, signifies the endless possibilities of the future – always changing, yet always reflecting.

The Time Box is modeled after a home, to give the passenger the comfort of something familiar before embarking into the unknown. Each wooden slat of the box represents a year into the future, allowing the traveler to gauge where their future self might want to wander. Simple, yet timeless, this structure can be placed anywhere, in any time, and still find a place in its surroundings.

Just one step in, and the possibilities are endless…

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Anjali Mody

Josmo Studio is a Mumbai + Goa based collective that believes in transforming radical ideas into purposeful, beautiful products. A multi-disciplinary group of dreamers, Josmo makes and curates pieces from around the country that gives one access to well-designed products for homes. The products are a blend of age-old artisanal techniques and new-age design where each piece gets handcrafted by an artisan who has spent years learning and perfecting their art. The studio is passionate about Indian craft and supports artisans by working with them on every product that they create. With an ethos of transforming thoughts into things, Josmo prides itself on sharing pieces that are meticulously handmade in India with a strong focus on innovation. The studio also offers boutique design consultancy services for turn-key projects like furniture, lighting, interior spaces, sculpture and art installations.

Material Partner

MCM Unfired Clay Cladding

MCM Unfired Clay Cladding is a pathbreaking invention and a category creator in the field of innovative, eco-friendly building materials. A pure clay based natural tile, these stone replacement products offer copious inherent benefits over traditional natural stones in terms of being extremely thin, light-weight and flexible,
as well as on the ease of installation, faster execution time, and cost-effectiveness. Moreover, these are resistant to extreme weather, fire, water and are best suitable for all types of high rise exterior cladding and interior applications including flooring and landscaping.
With its headquarters in Mumbai, the brand hosts a strong presence across India with exclusive product experience studios in more than 25 cities.


6:30 pm, 11 JAN 2019

(by invite only)


12 JAN – 16 MAR 2019

(daily 3 pm – 7:30 pm, except Sundays and Public Holidays)


STIR Gallery

2 North Drive, DLF Chattarpur Farms, New Delhi


for a guided walkthrough, write to us at:

+91 11 2680 9377/8/9, +91 7838120015