• Our Time in the Sun Image Credit: Amit Mehra
  • Our Time in the Sun
  • Our Time in the Sun
  • Our Time in the Sun
  • Our Time in the Sun
  • Our Time in the Sun
  • Our Time in the Sun
  • Our Time in the Sun

Our Time in the Sun

A playful sun dial reflects our time in the sun…

From past to future, the sun is a constant, yet how we interact has evolved from observation to meticulous precision of measurement, and to manipulation for our means. Alongside this trajectory, we are still playing with light. The sun rising, the sun above our head and the sun setting - sometimes we know the sun’s path - now we try to change it.

An interactive installation manifests, hour by hour, the extremes of the sun’s incident throughout the year. By mounting a folded plate abstraction of an analemma onto a rotating axis, we put the movement of the sun, while still tethered to the limits of the real sun, into the hands of the observers, who can manipulate the assembly to create their own sets of shadows. At night, an additional set of ‘suns’ light the pivoting analemmas and can be turned on and off to uncover new combinations. Playing with the structure invites viewers to engage a knowledge set that has existed for millennia, yet whose potential for exploitation remains significantly underexplored, and vital for the future.

Ankon Mitra


Ankon Mitra is an artist and architect working extensively with the technique of folds. A gold medallist from the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi and the Bartlett, University College London, he has shown his work at the Lucca Biennale, Italy (2018), the Shanghai Biennale (2019) and the Tokushima Exposition (2019-2020) in Japan most recently.

His studio creates large and immersive spatial works of lighting, folds and kinetic motion. He is a member of Origami USA, the British Origami Society and the Sculpture Network Europe. His studio has folded a hundred different materials and he exhorts that the universe is created and then dissolves through acts of folding and unfolding.

Sachin Bandukwala & Melissa Smith

BandukSmith Studio

Sachin Bandukwala and Melissa Smith are the founders of banduksmithstudio, an architecture, urban design, and research practice based in Ahmedabad. Their work engages processes of making through research on unique construction methods, both institutionalised and inventive, and built projects that explore the boundaries of material and craft in the context of contemporary Indian construction.

Sachin, an architect from CEPT University, is perpetually in pursuit of understanding through observation the ageing of material and its effect on tectonics, and the institutionalisation of rituals in architecture. Melissa is an architect and urban planner who holds degrees from the University of California, Berkeley. She chairs the Bachelor of Urban Design Program at CEPT University, and her research follows how inhabitants tend to restructure their built environments over time.

Exhibition On View

02 February - 29 February, 2020
11:00am – 7:00pm
(daily, except Sundays and public holidays)


STIR Gallery
@vis a vis, 2 North Drive, DLF Chattarpur Farms, New Delhi

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