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FEB 2020

Curatorial Note


A term coined from the idea of taking a diverse palette of materials, and expressing through them a tale that transcends the boundaries of current trends - materials being the tools, designers being time-travellers, and partners being the presenters of expressions. 

The first edition of Materiology, held in 2019, interpreted an important inquiry—What Happens When Tomorrow Becomes Today?

Taking the narrative forward, we now embark on a quest into the future:

Materiology 2.0 : What Happens When Yesterday Becomes Tomorrow?

Was YESTERDAY an easy game to play? And living TODAY, what is it that we can we learn from the bygone, and hope for TOMORROW? 
Standing for the truth and acknowledging the reality that stares at us, in tomorrow we express those questions that face us today.

With this fast-changing world, are we forgetting those basic values that we had imbibed when we were young? There were things we did that were simple and productive, that were educational, made us think, made us learn, made us treat these as activities for a better living. These activities and games have now assumed a new avatar, but it is still important to address them and their need in our lives today and the questions of tomorrow. 

This exhibition is a fun interplay of narratives that tie in yesterday’s memories, today’s actuality and tomorrow’s dreams.



Founder & Editor-in-Chief, STIR

A designer, thinker and conceptualiser for things creative, Amit Gupta traversed into promoting design and architecture by establishing the first Indian design management company - vis a vis, in 1997. vis a vis curated highly acclaimed architecture and design events, being the first such gallery in the country.

In 2003, Amit established the first conceptual lighting solutions company under the same name. Following years of innovation, 2016 saw the launch of - a first of its kind online high-street for lighting solutions from the world over.

In 2014, Amit also introduced STIR (See. Think. Inspire. Reflect), a platform for the dissemination of ideas, knowledge and innovations in the field of design, architecture and new media art, along with arenas for cross-disciplinary collaborations, industry connects and community building. STIR went on to publish the Indian edition of mondo*arc journal, and after 20 printed issues, evolved into a global digital platform -, with content generated by a network of professionals across the world.


Founder, The Blue Pencil Design Company
Content Advisor, STIR

Owned by Pramiti Madhavji, Blue Pencil is an independent brand strategy and design consultancy, that was started in Mumbai in May 2018. It provides creative and tactical expertise to brands in the home decor space.

With an involvement of over 30 years in creative and brand advertising, editorial, concepts and ideation, with the studio, Pramiti addresses creative solutions for product launches, builds new IPs and strategises to create unusual one-of-a-kind events besides being an influencer for the category.

Combining her art direction skills with her second passion—home decor, Pramiti was the Founding Editor of the Indian edition of ELLE DECOR, launched in the winter of 2000. She was also a Founding Member of Ogaan’s new initiative, India Design ID, before branching out to start Blue Pencil.

Instituted in 2014, STIR was founded to promote, propagate and foster creativity and innovation in the fields of design, architecture and interactive art in India and across the world. Over the years, STIR has manifested through varying media to facilitate the exchange of ideas, enable collaborations, showcase trends and technology, and create a collective of enthusiasts from different streams of the creative realm.

In 2015, STIR launched its first initiative—mondo*arc india, a content-led and perspective-driven publication that soon become the country’s fastest-growing design journal. It garnered popular acclaim as ‘the well-read design magazine' and enjoyed an unmatched reputation among professionals, students and enthusiasts alike. STIR as an organisation has also curated and organised a series of very successful events, conferences, workshops and dialogues and exhibitions to reinforce its ideology.

STIR today manifests into a global platform specialising in content centred around Architecture, Design & Art: A platform that connects industry to professionals. A medium that enables collaboration between professionals and allied industry. A destination that engages community in dialogues, debates and discourses. Where community finds products for operational efficiency, merits critical acclaim and generates business opportunities.

Exhibition On View

02 February - 29 February, 2020
11:00am – 7:00pm
(daily, except Sundays and public holidays)


STIR Gallery
@vis a vis, 2 North Drive, DLF Chattarpur Farms, New Delhi

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