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The everyday news bulletin has become yet another way of saying 'something needs to change in the world.' For those of you who want to be a part of that change, everything ‘you’ do, matters. Or does it?

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Three years back, when we started STIR, we wanted to make a change, envision the NEXT, and build a better world together. And every day of that journey has mattered to us and to our more than three million readers.

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Amit Gupta

Ma Yansong on buildings of freedom that rethink our fellowship with nature

Traversing Hassan Ragab’s architectural explorations using Midjourney

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The future of energy must be designed!

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Merging the subject, the object, and the medium in Marina Abramovic’s art

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STIRfri Exclusive

Euroluce 2023 dubbed “The City of Lights”

Salone del
Mobile.Milano 2023

Salone del Mobile will take place from April 18-23, with 'light' as the underlying and overarching theme.

18-23 April, 2023


18-23 APR, 2023


Milan, Italy


The Milan trade fair, the international point of reference for the furnishing and design sector, boasts a totally new format and multidisciplinary cultural content for Euroluce. The 61st edition brings its "good looking" and "well made" products back onto what is an internationally important stage.

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Josef Frank’s universe of patterns inspires Folkform's pleated lamp shades

Josef Frank’s universe of patterns inspires Folkform's pleated lamp shades

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Jolie Ngo sculpts cyborgian objects out of clay

Jolie Ngo sculpts cyborgian objects out of clay

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Droog has dried out

Droog changed the perspective of design. So, where did it go wrong?


Jeroen Junte

Droog has dried out

Droog returns to Milan for the last time with 'Droog30: design or non-design?' at the Triennale di Milano. But it won’t be a “greatest hits show," says Richard Hutten.

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