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Words are a funny thing when you think about it. Language gives meaning to words, which in essence are doodles that have sound and value assigned by social convention. As the contemporary discourse looks to expand our understanding of the world, the limits of our vocabulary become evident.

Relook, repeat, reveal, restore, retain, rebel, reform, rewind, re-everything

Adding a 're' before any word appears to be a technique to mine meaning. There is persistence in re-, and perseverance in its narrative.

We do this in architecture, art and design too. Whether we are looking to rebuild, reuse, or refurbish, we are trying to give old forms and spaces a new purpose and meaning. Yet, there is another important 're' we engage in—to revisit, relook, reanalyse and review, which are just as important for an evolved conversation.
So, let's rethink.

Amit Gupta

Soheila Sokhanvari’s ‘Rebel Rebel’: A voice to Iran's lost stars

Tina Pang on transmedia narratives in ‘Hong Kong: Here and Beyond’ at M+

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Reviewing Owen Hopkins’s book 'Brutalists: Brutalism’s Best Architects'

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Sean Anderson on responsible architecture and the many hats he wears

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STIRfri Exclusive

Celebrating architecture and city-making

London Festival of Architecture

Explore how the architecture community responds to LFA 2023 theme 'In Common' during the month-long event across London.

1-30 June, 2023
London Festival of Architecture


1-30 JUNE, 2023


London, UK


With key figures from across the built environment and beyond part of the curatorial panel, the London Festival of Architecture 2023 will open up discussions around architecture, test new ideas and uncover and promote new talent through varied and engaging programme of events.

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MINAX abstracts modernist icons in wood for lamp collection

MINAX abstracts modernist icons in wood for lamp collection

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Xanthe Somers' sculptures explore Zimbabwean postcolonial culture

Xanthe Somers' sculptures explore Zimbabwean postcolonial culture

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Designing is dreaming

But who can afford it?


Riya Patel

Is design affordable?

Yinka Ilori's bag collection with Marks & Spencer sparks a conversation on being a designer in present times and the economic cost of dreaming.

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