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Our lives indicate the corporeal balance between the bridges we build and the chasms we create. We are as connected as we desire and as disconnected as we opt to. The creative landscape is no different: from thinking to creating, such endeavours seldom commence or culminate sans connecting dots. The creative hand rarely moves if it does not shape bridges between the heart, mind, and soul.

Crossing Bridges Building Bridges Burning Bridges

With the clarity conferred by creators, it is easy to understand how connections render a priceless tool for creative ingenuity, for an atemporal canvas of growth. Even in the most impossible of circumstances, these cultivated networks are what broaden the landscape of the possible.

This week’s issue follows works of intention that bridge creativity with lateral thinking: Michele De Lucchi establishes connections in his book, 'Connettoma: Synopsis of Humanistic Architecture'; Noe Kuremoto’s ceramic artworks translate her desire to form connections in a world that often feels shallow; Oscar-nominated production designers of 'Avatar: The Way of Water' reveal how Pandora was conjured in Earth’s image, bridging a supposed world with our real one.

Should creative worth be measured by the connections we cultivate, and the bridges we choose to construct (or burn) along the way?

Amit Gupta

Dylan Cole and Ben Procter on designing the world of 'Avatar: The Way of Water'

The Tea House Pavilion in the Czech Republic attests to the power of simplicity

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Michele De Lucchi on creating memorable narratives in his projects

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Rahul Bhushan on the architectural soul of Himachal Pradesh

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STIRfri Exclusive

A 10-day fringe event

Paris Design Week

The fair's 2023 edition will once again be celebrating design in all its forms with 450 participants in 350 venues.

7-16 SEPT, 2023
Paris Design Week


7-16 SEPT, 2023


Paris, France


Organised in parallel with the Maison&Objet show, the 13th Paris Design Week is an opportunity to discover new things and meet people in showrooms, boutiques and galleries, as well as in institutions such as museums and schools.

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Modern ceramic artworks by Noe Kuremoto meet Japanese beliefs

Modern ceramic artworks by Noe Kuremoto meet Japanese beliefs

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Helle Mardahl turns glass into whimsical treats with Candy Series One '23

Helle Mardahl turns glass into whimsical treats with Candy Series One '23

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Mothering Earth

American artist Asad Raza’s installation at Museion is an embodied recipe for neo-soil.


Rosalyn D’Mello

Mothering Earth

Set up as a ‘host’ for other artistic interventions to unfold, 'Asad Raza: Plot' is a processual meditation on symbiotic cross-species relations.

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