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One could ponder the fine-drawn difference between vision and envisioning: the former imagines realities within our conscious minds, while the latter sees something as if it were true. Insight may not necessarily be synonymous with persons with sight, but is, for those with a vision. We may comprehend insight as an intangible vector, carrying magnitude and direction.

Sight In-sight Vision Envision

At the heart of creative aspiration, is a harboured vision acknowledging, exposing and placating the inequities of the able-bodied creative canon. Relatedly, creatives inherently harnessing insight and intuition as transformative tools can shape social and cultural landscapes that challenge, amend, or uplift.

This week’s issue looks at a unifying thread of creatives with visionary intellect: STIR revisits Chris Downey’s address at UIA 2023, an architect who has been on both sides of the ability to see; ‘Yasmeen Lari: Architecture for the Future’ follows her journey culminating as a humanitarian architect; Ukurant 3, a platform by young designers for young designers, encourages the vision of emerging ones; Outlanders Design envisions subverting stuffy agency processes with its fast, client-centric practice.

Possibly, we are restricted, not by our faculty of being able/unable to see, but by not fully cultivating insight.

Amit Gupta

In conversation with Tameem Sankari and Anja Dalby of Outlanders Design

Topway Space Design pursues transcendental art of spatial expression

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'Architecture for the Future' shines a light on Yasmeen Lari

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Chris Downey addresses the challenges of inclusive design at UIA

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STIRfri Exclusive

Of Material Intelligence

Material Matters

Exploring how the design industry can address issues of circular economy and why material intelligence is important to our lives.

20-23 SEP, 2023
Material Matters


20-23 SEP, 2023


London, UK


The fair's second edition will see over 40 brands, designers, manufacturers and organisations celebrating the importance of materials and how they shape our lives, making Material Matters a platform for collaboration and inspiration for design & architecture.

Learn More


DesignLibero’s walking sticks and holders offer users a chance to ‘Blossom’

DesignLibero’s walking sticks and holders offer users a chance to ‘Blossom’

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‘Ukurant 3’ intrigued, seduced, and discusses the future of young design

‘Ukurant 3’ intrigues, seduces, and discusses the future of young design

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A Village in the City’s new campus in Amsterdam


Jeroen Junte

A Village in the City

The monolith looks like an anomaly among historic buildings. Its interior however, is a green oasis. Is this filter of bubble architecture schizophrenic?

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