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Creative practices give form to intangible ideas and thoughts. The ability of an artwork, building or an object to convert an abstract essence into a physical shape, is an act of creative embodiment. The way in which we discuss and talk about objects is driven by our need to understand what they embody.

an idea, a quality, a feeling

Have you wondered what an ID card truly implies? Is it an embodiment of one's identity or person? What does your choice of chair say about you? Do you believe our buildings capture the essence of the people who occupy them?

By understanding the inbuilt association of certain physical embodiments, we can transform them. From Isabella Lobkowicz’s utter fascination with the world around her to Mariam Kamara's curious exploration to uncover the trajectory of vernacular design & architecture, these practices look for meaning beyond the aesthetics of objects. Perhaps, this is a heavy burden to lay on the creative process. Or not.

What do you think?

Amit Gupta

Mariam Kamara on discarding the 'single story'

The Forum captures Jaime Hayon’s surrealist whimsy

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Nigel Coates unpacks his memior with ‘Lives in Architecture’

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Celebrating the life and works of ceramic artist Lucie Rie

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STIRfri Exclusive

Kohler-Celebrating 150 years

The Creator’s

Kohler partners with four women artists for a limited-edition global collection.

18-23 April, 2023
The Creator’s Journey


18-23 APRIL, 2023


Palazzo del Senato, Milan


Kohler's 150th anniversary celebrations at Milan Design Week 2023 showcases artist collaborations, limited-edition product collections, and an immersive installation by Janet Echelman.

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A recce of Richard Yasmine’s 5VIE exposition, 'Silent Hollows’

A recce of Richard Yasmine’s 5VIE exposition, 'Silent Hollows’

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Isabella Lobkowicz's 'Almost 100 chairs' playfully poke human traits

Isabella Lobkowicz's 'Almost 100 chairs' playfully poke human traits

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Which Side Are You On?

Rajkamal Kahlon’s incendiary works trap the ‘othering gaze’.


Rosalyn D'Mello

Which Side Are You On?

The artist draws blood, with surgical precision, unveiling the deep violence of colonialist, ethnographic, hegemonic and racist literature.

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