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Kohler - The Creator’s Journey

150th Anniversary Celebration at Milan Design Week 2023


The Creator’s Journey presented by Kohler for the upcoming Milan Design Week features the iconic brand partnering with four contemporary female artists from four different countries to create a limited-edition global collection of 12 new Artist Editions products for the bathroom. Kohler will also highlight a breathtaking aerial sculpture by Janet Echelman, and a user-controlled design experience at Palazzo del Senato during Fuorisalone in Milan.

The talented creators were provided carte blanche to bring their visual expressions to Kohler’s products – the Numi 2.0 smart toilet, Brazn sink, and Brazn bathtub. Each product within the collection will be offered in a quantity of 150, honoring Kohler’s anniversary year.

Ananda Nahú (Brazil)
Flora Tropical
A painter, muralist, and visual artist, her style is distinguished by visual multiculturalism, and presents a strong cultural anthropological study of the human being, rescuing art history from the most diverse nationalities, and transforming old currents of thought for the artistic needs of today.

Ziling Wang (China)
A World on Strings
Wang explores how humans perceive the structure of their external surroundings by reorganising the form of painting in order to explore nature's balance and forms. She teases out literal emptiness in the painting that can only be filled by the viewer.

Pushpa Kumari (India)
Kumari visualizes a world energized by culture, heritage, observation, and intuitive sensitivity using only a pen and ink on paper. Throughout her life and career, Kumari has challenged India’s traditional cultural norms, choosing instead to focus on her craft.

Elle (United States)
Falling Gently
Elle started with graffiti and now includes large-scale projects in her global portfolio, with work in the Saatchi Gallery, Urban Nation Museum in Berlin, and as a two-hundred-foot-tall projection onto the facade of the New Museum in New York.

Kohler’s Artist Editions products date back nearly four decades and bring beauty to everyday rituals – pushing boundaries of decorative processes and material sets, helping consumers express personal style in their spaces. Inspired by marrying visual art with manufacturing craftsmanship, Artist Editions sinks, bathtubs, and toilets are adorned with beautiful textures, intricate patterns, abstract illustrations, and picturesque landscapes. The offering also showcases Kohler’s innovative use of specialty glazes and noble materials.

Janet Echelman presents Noli Timere at Palazzo del Senato
Suspended overhead is a monumental aerial sculpture entitled Noli Timere by Janet Echelman. Echelman has also partnered with Kohler on an Artist Editions vessel sink entitled 18.02 that honors the dynamic nature of water (on display in Kohler’s exhibition).

Visitors can also embark on their own “Creator” journey inside an immersive digital experience that allows them to bring art to life through their movements in space. As colors, patterns and shapes surround guests in the Creator room, they can become artists themselves, manipulating the creative overlay on Kohler’s Numi smart toilet.


Janet Echelman, Elle, Pushpa Kumari , Ananda Nahú, and Wang Ziling
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