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Who we are, what we do, and why there is truth to our existence, are mostly in relation to something; with regard to someone; vis-à-vis a natural propensity towards the profound experience of inter-species dependencies. How does one seek this truth illuminating our interconnectedness, the deeply extant human veracity of love?

Face to Face

The complexity of bonds, the ambivalence of relations, and the cultivation of exchanges, often face-to-face, and heart-to-heart, vis-à-vis the socio-cultural, creative landscape, displays our reverential appetite for connections.

Our issue this week maps creative ventures nurtured in relation to another: ‘Love Songs’ presents works of 16 photographers capturing the scenography of love; Raymond Neutra speaks of his father Richard Neutra, vis-à-vis his modernist architecture; the 'Cities' traces Peter Cook's interest in the theoretical field of architecture via drawings.

How determinedly do we tend to the intimacy of thinking, probing, and learning, vis-à-vis creative stirrings?

Amit Gupta

In conversation with Amelie Klein on the intersection of robots and humans

'Love Songs': Navigating the visual vocabulary of romantic relationships

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Raymond Neutra on his modernist father being a fountain of ideas

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Andy Vella delves into the artistic alchemy of weaving visual narratives

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STIRfri Exclusive

Artistic Novelty. Fusion. Technological Innovation.

Nova Rio Biennial of Art and Technology

The first edition revolves around the themes of New Aesthetics and Supercreativity in the era of artificial intelligence.

19 SEP-29 OCT
Nova Rio Biennial of Art and Technology


19 SEP-29 OCT


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Nova Rio Biennial of Art and Technology at the Museum of Tomorrow aims to shift the paradigm of exhibitions with its proposal to reconfigure the idea of the future in light of what creators from around the world exhibit and develop for screens. The concept is curated by Ricardo Barreto and Paula Perissinotto.

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'Microbes Make Mountains' highlights links in the microbial world

'Microbes Make Mountains' highlights links in the microbial world

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Amelia Tavella’s furniture meanders like ‘an almost living animal’

Amelia Tavella’s furniture meanders like ‘an almost living animal’

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The future of cities

Reimagining drab public spaces and expanding architecture's vocabulary at Richard Saltoun Gallery, UK.


John Jervis

The future of cities

'Cities,' a retrospective exhibition of Peter Cook's drawings from Archigram onwards, offers a series of questions, provocations and proposals.

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