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A polyphony, in music and otherwise, is in numerous ways the antithesis of a singular perception. In many ways, it implies a harmonised presence of a multitude of meanings. A creative polyphonic approach allows several truths to co-exist in a resounding chorus.

Composition Arrangements

Akin to how symphonic opuses allow each musical section to shine, each instrument distinctly audible yet in sync, a polyphonic style presents a layered cadence of what the creative milieu must sound like.

Our issue this week conducts a search of polyphonic makings, where layers of voices strike the chords of a creative collective: Mountain Architecture Dialogue strikes harmony between humanity & architecture; Carlos Amorales’s ‘Words of Mouth and Hands’ traces how the written word is transformed into music and symbols.

This week we listen, but what do we want to hear?

Amit Gupta

In conversation with Federica Busani on Cap_able a wearable algorithm shield

A call for action at the Mountain Architecture Dialogue in Nepal

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A petition to end all petitions aka I'm done signing statements

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A polyphony of voices: 'Words of Mouth and Hands' by Carlos Amorales

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STIRfri Exclusive

A nexus of creative exchange

Enter Art Fair 2023

The annual four-day event will bring the best of contemporary art from the world’s leading galleries in Copenhagen.

24-27 AUG, 2023
Enter Art Fair 2023


24-27 AUG, 2023


Lokomotivværkstedet, Copenhagen


The 2023 edition of Enter Art Fair will showcase a specially-curated celebration. The fair is a progressive space for artistic expression, a supporter of new technology, and a catalyst for the Danish, Scandinavian and international arts industry.

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‘Revo’ by Pearson Lloyd strives to revolutionise workspace design

‘Revo’ by Pearson Lloyd strives to revolutionise workspace design

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'Waiting For Ideas' crafts dialogues between abstraction and function

'Waiting For Ideas' crafts dialogues between abstraction and function

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Architectural substitutes

Herzog & de Meuron's architecture beyond the drawing board.


Ruth Lang

Architectural substitutes

The 'ghosts in the gallery' are displayed to be 'substitutes' for the architecture which is too vast to be shown at the Royal Academy of Arts.

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