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Kaave Pour of SPACE10 on technology as an enabler of the future of good design

The co-founder and director of SPACE10 in Copenhagen and New Delhi, in a conversation with STIR, speaks about the role of digital technology in achieving a sustainable future.

by Zohra KhanPublished on : Mar 09, 2020

One bright sunny morning we caught up with Kaave Pour at the STIR Gallery in New Delhi to know the idea behind SPACE10 and what makes it a name to reckon with. A cultural entrepreneur, Pour founded his first company when he was 14 years old. Today, at the age of 28, he spearheads the Copenhagen and New Delhi-based SPACE10 - the innovation lab for Swedish furniture giant, IKEA. The studio designs inclusive, circular and digitally-enabled solutions for people and the planet, with an aim to improve everyday lives.

For us, digital is where technology meets people. – Kaave Pour, Co-founder and Director, SPACE10

Pour believes that technology can be an enabler of the future of good design. At SPACE10, digital technology is understood beyond the realm of entertainment, and as a key component to achieve sustainable and healthy living. In their philosophy, 'digital' extends from the screens of people’s devices to find a more meaningful role in the way they live and interact with spaces.  

Some of the works by SPACE10 include conceptualisation of an affordable model of shared living in The Urban Village Project, a housing prototype of clean energy future in SolarVille, and a tasteful salad bar and hydroponic farming system titled LOKAL that explore alternative methods of growing organic food. 

The studio’s backbone remains its research wing that dives deep into the evolution of architecture and design, and its crossroads with the digital realm. One such study called The Digital in Architecture traced the significant developments that led to the merging of digital thinking with architecture. Another research titled The Augmented Human explored how increasing digital access has removed boundaries between people and devices.

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