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Instituted in 2014, STIR was founded to promote, propagate and foster creativity and innovation in the fields of design, architecture and new-media art in India and across the world. Over the years, STIR has manifested through various media to facilitate the exchange of ideas, enable collaborations, showcase trends and technology, and create a collective of enthusiasts from different streams of the creative realm.

In 2015, STIR launched its first initiative – mondo*arc india, a content-led and perspective-driven publication that soon became the country’s fastest-growing design journal.

2019 marked the birth of – a global digital publication that is committed to featuring the best in design, architecture and new-media art.

In 2021, STIR launched - a destination for creators, gallerists and designers to share new collections, new collaborations, new exhibitions and announcements, and manufacturers to unveil their new designs. It’s a point that connects the community of designers, educators and innovators who are on a quest for something new.

STIR is a multi-faceted platform that connects the industry to professionals. A medium that enables collaboration between professionals and allied industry. A destination that engages the community in dialogue, debates and discourses. A place where the community discovers products for operational efficiency, finds critical acclaim and generates business opportunities. STIR has also curated and organised a series of successful online and offline events, conferences, workshops and exhibitions to reinforce its ideology.

Team Contributors

Stir Team

Hardeep Gupta


An entrepreneur, design enthusiast, theatre artist, actor and singer, for Hardeep anything creative is purely a way of life. A Master of Business Economics by qualification with an analytical research based skill-set, her experience of over two decades adds quantitative and qualitative perspective to the business.

Stir Team

Samta Nadeem

Brand Director

Samta heads the group’s brand management, communication and curatorial programming. Trained as a product designer, she practiced architectural lighting design for 14 years while honing a wide range of skills that span art direction, visual storytelling, public engagement, business development and digital entrepreneurship. Samta is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Curating Contemporary Design from the Design Museum London.

Stir Team

Pramiti Madhavji

Consultant, Content Adviser

Pramiti advises on content, design and brand strategy. Having worked in the publishing industry for almost three decades, she has been the Founding Editor of ELLE DECOR India and helmed it for 18 years.

Stir Team

Rahul Kumar

Editor, Arts

Rahul is responsible for curating the Art section. He has been a Consulting Editor with Arts Illustrated and has written for various publications like Mint-Lounge and Vogue. Before retiring from mainstream corporate roles, he led an art venture for NDTV and was also involved in its television programming. He is a Fulbright scholar, a Charles Wallace fellow, and a practising artist.

Stir Team

Arjun Mehra

Global Commercial Director

Arjun spearheads the strategic business growth for STIR. He was the Chief Business Officer of Conde Nast India's four titles - Vogue, GQ, Conde Nast Traveller and Architectural Digest - for over 15 years, overseeing the print, digital and event businesses across brands. Arjun is an MBA from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA, Class of 1993.

Stir Team

Jigyasa Sharma

Head of Marketing and Communication

Jigyasa looks after marketing alliances and communication, handles search engine optimisation, social media and all digital marketing channels. Her love for numbers and a curiosity for online user experience got her here. With a background in BBM e-banking, she is backed by seven years of work experience with tech companies and start-ups alike. She proudly calls herself a dog mom, a bibliophile and a Jim Morrison fan, in that order.

Stir Team

Devanshi Shah

Assistant Editor

Devanshi is responsible for thinking of new and original approaches to architectural writing. An educator, curator and architect, she has a Master's degree in History and Critical Thinking from the Architectural Association, a Bachelor's in Architecture, and a Diploma in Indian Aesthetics. Devanshi has a certificate in Curatorial Studies and co-curated an exhibition at A plus A Gallery, Venice, in 2019. She has been teaching at institutes in Mumbai since 2018.

Stir Team

Prachi Chadha

Assistant Managing Editor

Prachi plans and manages all daily operations and ensures everything we publish is factually and grammatically correct, as well as SEO compliant. With an experience of 15 years in the field of journalism and publishing, she has worked with the likes of NDTV, Goethe-Institut and Maxposure Media Group. She believes those who correctly place an apostrophe are an endangered species, and punctuations save lives!

Stir Team

Simona De Franchi

Business Head - Regional

Simona enjoys making connections with leading brands in the world of architecture and design, and representing some of the most important Italian companies in the industry while helping them get established in the Asian market. She grew up in Italy where art and design are everywhere, and started following her passion of travelling around the world through her work after graduating in law.

Stir Contributor

Nitija Immanuel

Senior Features Writer

Nitija shapeshifts as a content manager for STIRpad and features writer for STIRworld. A former vocalist for an all-female band, she has over six years of dedicated experience in the world of digital content. Her strengths lie in digital marketing, content management systems, SEO, social media and strategic planning.

Stir Team

Dilip Shah

Head of Finance

From raising funds to crunching numbers, from budgeting to auditing, from cashflow to book keeping, Dilip heads all finance, accounts and legal matters. Company secretary by profession, he has been with the group and its promoters for over 17 years.

Stir Team

Fabiana Rodriguez

Business Development Manager

Fabiana supports the expansion of STIR in Europe and the US. She was born and raised in Venezuela, nevertheless in the past 10 years she has lived in 9 countries between Europe, Asia, Middle East and Latin America, leading business development projects. Previous to STIR she worked in international communication consultancy, moving from country to country living surreal experiences. Fabiana enjoys dancing, trekking and boxing, and is also an arts and culture lover.

Stir Team

Zohra Khan

Senior Features Writer

Writing, curating and researching interest Zohra, who has over five years of experience in architecture and design media. A formal education in architecture combined with a keen interest in architectural journalism led her to professionally venture into this role.

Stir Team

Anmol Ahuja

Senior Features Writer

As a writer, Anmol channels his interests into lucid pieces on sensitive, remarkable architecture and global design. He is an architect by education with over five years of multidisciplinary work experience in core and allied architecture, design and content curation, with an avid love for the cinematic medium and graphic novel. He seeks to coalesce his interests and his 'lenses' of parallel architectural thought through his current pursuit of a Master's Degree in History and Critical Thinking in Architecture at the AA School in London.

Stir Contributor

Jincy Iype

Features Writer

Jincy writes and researches content centred on the best of global design and architecture. An architect by training, she enjoys picking the minds of creatives and weaving their ideas and works onto worded tapestries.

Stir Contributor

Jerry Elengical

Junior Features Writer

Jerry's work as a writer is fuelled by an innate desire to ascertain the driving forces behind exemplary architecture and design. An architect by education, he directs this interest towards crafting riveting narratives that attempt to capture the essence of creative endeavours from all over the world.

Stir Contributor

Almas Sadique

Junior Features Writer

Almas divides her time as a writer between STIRpad and STIRworld, researching and writing on and about the latest creations and creators from the art and design world. An architect by education, she is driven by the curiosity to explore the factors that impact and are impacted by every kind of design.

Stir Contributor

Anushka Sharma

Junior Features Writer

An architect by education, Anushka is intrigued by the power words hold in translating seemingly mundane things into something magnificent. An avid vocalist and a fitness enthusiast driven by her passion for writing and researching, and guided by her formal education and training, she strives to explore the space where tangible forms meet intangible emotions.

Stir Team

Sunena V Maju

Junior Features Writer

As a writer, Sunena believes everything has a story and strives to pen down the stories that architecture holds and hides. An avid lover of history and architectural theories, she questions the design process while probing into the relevance it holds for the world of tomorrow. When she's not writing, you may find her curious mind wandering around the writings of Dan Brown or Paulo Coelho.

Stir Team

Vatsala Sethi

Assistant Editorial Coordinator (Arts)

Vatsala is a contemporary artist and a writer based in New Delhi. Previously, she worked at a big-four consultancy firm before pursuing her passion for the arts as a full time vocation. She has curated projects with a blockchain-powered contemporary art platform, Vatsala practices herself in both art genres, oil paintings and technology art involving augmented reality.

Stir Team

Kewal Singh

Senior Manager (Design & Production)

Kewal is responsible for daily web production and backend edit ops. With nearly two decades of experience in magazine and book publication, he has been working on graphics and art since our inception.

Stir Team

Taruna Taneja

Senior Graphic Designer

Taruna is enthusiastic about creating eye-catching visuals and has a penchant for typography and layouts. Trained as a product and lifestyle designer, she describes herself as an open-minded person. She has worked as a leather goods merchant and has also dabbled in social media marketing, website design, branding, and loves photography and music.

Stir Team

Prakhar Mittal

Graphic Designer

Prakhar’s work involves communication design. A full stack developer by training, he loves spending his time animating and creating visuals while simultaneously waiting for his letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Stir Team

Varun Jairath

Tech Lead – Web, SEO

Varun heads the technical team and manages web development, programming and SEO. He is a performance-driven project management professional with more than 13 years of progressive expertise.

Stir Team

Mandeep Singh

Senior Web Developer

As a web application developer, Mandeep enjoys experimenting with new technology and innovative techniques to improve the everyday applications in website management.

If you are keen to join our team, please send us a brief note about yourself and your experiences in the field design, research or journalism. Email us:

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