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India Pavilion | London Design Biennale

'Small is beautiful. A billion stories.'


This mapping of seminal sustainable ideas across knowledge domains (from architecture to fashion design to product design to manufacturing et al) to showcase the traction between ecology and design in India will be launched at the London Design Biennale in June 2021, and thereafter travel across India. The India Pavilion represents India's story to the world (and to ourselves!) with a plea for a sustainable, ecological shift across domains. We believe that the sharing of our ideas will help to inspire, advocate, and collaborate to build an ecologically resilient India of the future, where design thinking is the key.

The London Design Biennale committee, headed by artistic director Es Devlin, has selected architect Nisha Mathew Ghosh to design and curate the India Pavilion. Her curatorial direction for this show seeks to build on the potential of disruption as the seed for new possibilities and referencing a crucial rebuilding on account of COVID-19.

We look forward to having you share your work with us so that we can consider its possible inclusion in the show as per the curatorial direction established.

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Nisha Mathew Ghosh


Edgar Demello, Kapil Gupta, Soumitro Ghosh


London Design Biennale
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