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Designing is moving forward


It is with great pleasure that 5VIE presents the eighth edition of 5VIE Design Week, underlining the need for a restart under the sign of a new constellation of values, which will be an inspiration for the protagonists of the post-pandemic future.

The 2021 edition will focus not only on objects but also on ideas, which are at the base of design - in the broadest sense of the project: from the Latin -pro avanti, jacere gettare. To design is to throw oneself forward; to design is to sow the seeds that will sprout tomorrow.

This is why 5VIE has chosen to dedicate the event - as every year - to a master of Italian design who we believe is particularly in line with the present day. The 2021 edition will therefore be a tribute to AG Fronzoni (1923-2002), an Italian designer, teacher and thinker, whose intellectual legacy is more relevant today than ever. His vision starts from Mies van der Rohe’s credo Less is More and it unfolds into a minimalistic language where everything that is not essential is considered waste - aesthetically, morally, and ethically. And in the same way, he proceeds in his research as a teacher, towards what is essential to become a complete man: reflection, work, and culture, in the conviction that every single plan is, first of all, a life project.

The events and initiatives of the 5VIE Design Week are composed of 5VIE productions, exhibitions and installations with guests and partners, meetings, talks and entertainment.

All activities will run on both physical and digital tracks, thanks to the platform that - after its launch in September 2020 - has been further expanded and implemented and is constantly evolving to become a virtual reference point for national and international communities of creatives, trendsetters, and innovators.

Here and Now: Design In Action
The installations produced this year by 5VIE will follow a specific common thread: that of action. In fact, they will be exhibitions and events with an unmistakable character of the performance, strongly emphasizing the desire to restart after a period of stagnation and to highlight the fundamental dimension of the here and now, something that in the preceding year and a half has often been overshadowed by the everywhere and always of the new digital normality.

Milan, From The Centre To The World: Design In Motion
The historical courtyards and the beautiful buildings, which will be opened for the occasion, are the perfect setting for outstanding exhibitions. Besides our own productions, 5VIE has once again the pleasure to host designers of national and international importance in collaboration with renowned partners and institutions.


Maria Cristina Didero, Patrizia Catalano and Maurizio Barberis, Nicole Uniquole, Mr. Lawrence, Lionel Jadot
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