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Architecture Anew

RIBA + VitrA


This series of talks throughout 2021 will expand contemporary debate around architecture and sustainability. Through interdisciplinary conversations, Architecture Anew features internationally acclaimed changemakers who are leading the way towards a more sustainable future, embracing social, economic, and environmental concerns.

Be inspired by the power of good design and broaden your understanding of sustainability through this season of talks. Learn about experimentation with natural materials, strengthening local economies to empower communities, collaborating with craftsman and what rewilding could mean for architecture.

The event is a partnership between RIBA and VitrA in reflecting their shared commitment to add social, economic, and cultural value to society.
With innovation at its core, a global reach, and a tradition of collaborating with celebrated architects and designers, the VitrA Bathroom brand has become a world leader, synonymous with contemporary sophistication since the mid-1900s.

Architecture Anew is a RIBA + VitrA Partnership.




Mark E Breeze, Kishan San, Lindsay Bremner, Chris Hildrey, Jess Kennedy, Gwyn Stacey, Richard Reynolds, Jan Stannard, Maria-Chiara Piccinelli
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