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Berlin Design Week 2021


The BERLIN DESIGN WEEK was initiated by state of DESIGN e.V. The association stands for aspects of next generation design and has been regularly conceiving exhibitions, talks, symposia, and lecture series since 2016.

What can and should design do? What does it do for society? What does it prevent?
Every spring, BERLIN DESIGN WEEK presents the latest design trends and approaches that allow us to shape and prepare for the future. Design is seen as a response to societal and ecological changes, which serves to highlight its vital role in managing the greatest challenges we currently face. Business, research and decision makers need the creative power of design, its fresh ideas, new strategies and concepts for a changing society and vice versa.

Berlin has always been an environment where, in addition to the latest trends, revolutionary ideas, movements and innovations can emerge and flourish. The BERLIN DESIGN WEEK is an international podium and brings scientific progress and ethical responsibility into the design of tomorrow.
Within this context, BNDNWK discusses intelligent cities, digitisation and artificial intelligence, new materials and concepts. Always in focus: intergenerational equity, social justice, health and well-being, environmental protection.

The curated programme contributions can be freely arranged and can range from a one-off, diverting event to an exhibition over ten days.
Participants offer a look at their work in the form of exhibitions, talks, panels, presentations, and interactive projects and tours. Equal focus is given to encouraging in-depth exchange between up-and-coming designers, established names, suppliers, producers, and commercial enterprises as it is to establish a network between the various creative disciplines.

BERLIN DESIGN WEEK participants include Berlin- & Germany-based as well as international designers, studios, cultural institutions, universities and companies that present their projects as well as their development and production processes all under the umbrella of BERLIN DESIGN WEEK. Their areas of activity encompass a vast range of design fields from industrial and communication design to textile and material design all the way to UX and UI design, sound design, design research, social design, design thinking, and eco design.


Alexandra Klatt


Ralph Wiegmann, Edu Comelles, Roberta Wagner, Marta Verde, Andreas Hauser, Dr. Tobias Hoffmann, Prof. Oliver Szasz, Audrey Leung, Ellis Tree, Elysha Zaide, Maria Bürger, Chakib Labidi, Felix Sewing, Mark Braun, Katja Heller & Jula Tüllmann, Moritz Schell, Prof. Andreas Ingerl, Renzo Vitale, Prof. Robert Lee Brackett, Prof. Lawrence Blough, Olivia Vien, Dawn Ahukanna, Prof. Dr. Francois Burkhardt, Jeffrey Anderson, Ruby Betts, Prof. Dr. Harriet Harriss, Alex Nowitz, Prof. Gisela Baurmann, Prof. Abigail Coover Hume, Eine Hassliebe, Michael Geldmacher, Dr. Oliver Nickel, Jan Mirus, Prof. René Spitz, Prof. Dr. Gudrun Socher, Prof. Fritz Frenkler, Thomas Weis, Werner Aisslinger, Anne Kjaer Bathel, Niklas Galler, Uwe Cremering and more
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