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Cortina Design Weekend

7 - 9 July 2023


Cortina Design Weekend is a weekend immersed in the world of design, between dialogues and meetings with leading figures in design, architecture and real estate, scheduled from 7 to 9 July 2023. With a schedule of round tables, in-depth analysis and meetings, the inaugural edition of the event is presented by Cortina For Us and the plan.

Designing and creating one’s own installation in the heart of Cortina, on the occasion of the Design Weekend, means conversing with a highly profiled audience, and associating the brand with a territory with great present and future potential. Temporary pavilions, scattered in strategic places in the area, can become an opportunity for visibility, as well as spaces for socializing and cultural reflection. To strengthen the concepts of design, craftsmanship and territory, as well as to broaden the audience and attract a potential foreign audience, courses could also be developed also in an eno-gastronomic key where to present product design solutions, activate local entrepreneurship and enhance excellence.

In addition to what has been described, new ad hoc opportunities arise together with the partner to advertise one's brand and the event in general: topics such as beauty, sustainability, inclusiveness and circular economy are some of the topics of transversal interest and strongly interconnected with the design, craftsmanship and the territory. Introducing one's brand with a strong message, within the framework of the Cortina Design Weekend, means bringing added value to the event and dealing with an audience and exponents of the leading supply chain.

Also giving visibility to the Olympic theme by promoting itineraries and installations with museographic and archival exhibits provides the opportunity to become a branding operation and strong permeability with the context, underlining the partner's interest in strategies of dialogue with the territory, between the past and future.

DIALOGUES - Conchiglia, Piazza A.Dibona
Friday 7 July / 5.30 pm – 7.30 pm
Dialogues: Hospitality, Accessibility and Cultural Inclusivity
Alessandro Belli (Head of Hospitality, Cushman & Wakefield, and Professor, LUISS Belluno)
Fabrizio Gaggio (Managing Director, UNA Group)
Alessandro Longo (Senior Architect, Lombardini22)
Piero Lissoni (Founder, Lissoni & Partners)
Roberto Vitali (CEO, Village for all)
Moderator - Alessandro Russello (Director, Corriere del Veneto)

Friday 7 / Saturday 8 / Sunday 9 July
Tour of the workshops

Saturday 8 July / 5 pm – 7 pm
Dialogues: Architecture of Wellness and Sustainability
Angelo Micheli - Managing Director, AMDL Circle
Nicola Zucca - Founder, Hara Life
Francesca Heathcote Sapey - Partners, Teresa Sapey + Partners
Serena Papait - Designer
Giuliana Salmaso - Founder, Studio Giuliana Salmaso
Moderator - Francesco Chiamulera - Creator and Manager, A Mountain of Books

Saturday 8 July
Zig Zag Cortina welcomes visitors to the homes of the Bernardi architects to discover the new Lilith and Hopi creations


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