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Design Dekko Musings Season 2 | Design for Thought

Design Dekko Musings Season 2 | Design for Thought


Design for thought

The responsibility of design and the designer towards the end user has been much debated-where the past is revisited, and the future is predicted. Flipping the narrative to focus inward, we question practitioners and their practices about chosen paths, changing preferences, continued influences, recurring trials, repeated tribulations, and also ambitions, visions and opportunities that raise them like phoenixes from the ashes.
Join us, as we interact with leading voices of the design industry in this free webinar session.


Sneha Ullal, Mrinalini Ghadiok


Design Dekko


Tapio Rosenius (Designer, Artist, Innovator & Entrepreneur), Ayaz Basrai (Co-Founder, The Busride Design Studio), Rakesh Kumar (Chief Design Officer, Godrej Properties Ltd.), Inato Sema (Founder, Quickviz Co), Sunitha Kondur (Partner, Hundredhands & Founder, SOURCE), Josh Dobbins (Associate - South Asia, Flint Culture), Pareina Thapar (Co-founder, Longform), Vinita Chaitanya (Interior Designer), Marie-Anne Oudejans (Interior designer), Kunal Bhatia (Architect, Photographer & Writer), & many more
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