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Dewan Award For Architecture

Dakeer Island as a new thriving urban destination in Basra


The Dewan Award For Architecture returns and invites architects and designers to submit their ideas to develop Basra Waterfront and Dakeer Island.

The Dewan Award for Architecture 2023 envisions the Development of Dakeer Island into a thriving urban destination with a vibrant recreational and commercial waterfront allowing the city to celebrate its maritime heritage and fishing industry. Basra is the economic capital of Iraq and the country's primary seaport. The newly designed island will include urban links connecting Dakeer to mainland Basra and be an inclusive and accessible waterfront for locals and visitors

Participants in this year's Dewan Award are encouraged to provide solutions to transform Dakeer Island into a useable, influential and cosmopolitan recreational waterfront that contributes to Basra's residents' well-being and quality of life. It should establish new urban standards for long-term developments that encourage growth, sociable responsibility and sustainability. Dewan strives to empower young architects worldwide and provide crucial guidance to excel in the industry. The young architects and designers also gain unrivalled knowledge in real project scenarios and experiences at Dewan Architects + Engineers.

Architects, students, engineers, and designers can participate in the Dewan Award as individuals or as part of a multidisciplinary team. They will need to present an explicit declaration of conditions and parameters of the urban and cultural project by identifying local challenges, opportunities and culture. Judges will consider aspirational, transformative and original ideas that respond to Dakeer Island, the clarity of the design process and the overall plan’s long-term positive effects. The proposed design must include technical justification, accessibility, safety, security, durability, and environmental impact. Judges of the single-stage competition will identify the most appropriate proposal that best translates and satisfies the award’s objectives.

Competition Registration and Submission
Competition Launch - April 2023
Registration Deadline - 29 September 2023
Submission Deadline - 1 October 2023
Shortlist Announcement - October 2023
Winners Announcement - November 2023

Dewan invites architects, students, engineers and designers to participate in this competition.
Participation can be individual or team (maximum of six members per team).
Dewan encourages the participation of multidisciplinary teams

Judging Panel
Highly commended judges from around the world will arbitrate the awards. It is a single-stage competition to identify the most appropriate proposal that best satisfies the contest's general and specific objectives
Professor Wendy Pullan – Cambridge University
Professor Jala Makhzoumi – UNIT 44
Dr Davide Ponzini – Politecnico di Milano
Dr Ahmadreza H Akiminejad – Coventry University
Fuad AL Kindi – President of Oman Society of Engineers
Nadia Habash – Head of Engineering Association in Palestine
Kathy Basheva – Studio Basheva
Dr Mohamed Al-Assam – Founder of Dewan Architects and Engineers
Ahmed Al-Azzawi – Dewan Award coordinator of Tamayouz
Ahmed Al-Mallak – Tamayouz Excellence Award


Wendy Pullan, Jala Makhzoumi, Dr Davide Ponzini, Dr Ahmadreza H Akiminejad, Fuad AL Kindi, Nadia Habash, Kathy Basheva, Dr Mohamed Al-Assam, Ahmed Al-Azzawi and Ahmed Al-Mallak


Dewan Architects + Engineers and Tamayouz


Call for Entries - Architects, students, engineers, and designers are invited to participate
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