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Good Design Awards



The Australian Good Design Awards showcase the very best in design and innovation to a worldwide audience. Established in 1958, the Awards have been setting the international standard for good design for more than six decades and have become one of the most prestigious design accolades in the world. Officially recognised by the World Design Organization (WDO) as Australia’s peak international design endorsement program, they have a long-legacy of celebrating the projects, people and brands behind great design.

Every year, the Awards attract cutting-edge design projects from across the globe, celebrating the very best in design, architecture, engineering, research, fashion, and social impact. The entries cover a vast range of sectors and industries, showcasing everything from the design of everyday products, to the buildings we live and work in, and the systems and processes that support our businesses and communities.

The Australian Good Design Awards embody the philosophy that design has the power to shape a better world. Good design doesn’t mean expensive or exclusive – good design means that whatever it is, it works and works well. With a focus on recognising and promoting the impact of design on our lives, industry, government, and society, the Awards strive to demonstrate the critical role design plays in creating a better, safer, and more prosperous future.

After sixty-five years, the Australian Good Design Awards remain at the forefront of recognising and elevating the impact of design. Through our commitment to promoting and rewarding design excellence, we continue to strive to be a driving force in advancing the design industry and fostering positive change and progress in our world.

The Awards uphold a rigorous and in-depth review of each entry, ensuring each project receives the time and evaluation it deserves. All entries are carefully assessed by an independent expert Jury panel and evaluated against three overarching criteria – each specific to its Design Discipline:
Criteria 1: Good Design
Criteria 2: Design Innovation
Criteria 3: Design Impact

GOOD DESIGN AWARD WINNER - Awarded to projects that demonstrate design excellence.
GOOD DESIGN AWARD GOLD - Awarded to the top five projects in each category.
GOOD DESIGN AWARD BEST IN CLASS - Awarded to best overall project in each category.
GOOD DESIGN AWARD FOR SUSTAINABILITY - Awarded to only one project that demonstrates excellence in sustainable design.
GOOD DESIGN AWARD OF THE YEAR - Awarded to only one exemplary project from all design disciplines and categories.

Entries Open - Late February 2023
Early Bird Deadline - 17 March 2023
Entries Close - 21 April 2023
Judging - May to July 2023
Results Notification - August 2023
Awards Ceremony - September 2023


Paul Cohen, Rosina Di Maria, Annie Van Der Wal, Lauren Peck, Virginia Dowzer, and more.

Participating Artists

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