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Isola Design Awards


The first edition of the Isola Design Awards features 4 categories and 3 prizes per category, that will be assigned by the public, the sponsors, and an extremely varied jury, made up of 22 international members. Designers and design studios can submit their work within July 2nd. Projects that have been released after 01/01/2020 or still are unpublished are submittable, and designers can join with
unlimited projects per category. The cost per submission is 47,50€. Isola’s curatorial team will firstly evaluate each project according to the categories criteria. The public will vote on the Nominees’ projects from June 1st to July 16th, and from July 5th to July 16th, the jury and sponsors will cast their vote. The Awards Ceremony will be held on July 23rd in Milan, with an exclusive invitation to nominees, jury members, sponsors, partners, and press. The event will be streamed on Isola TV.

Masquespacio, award-winning creative studio founded in 2010 by Ana Milena Hernández Palacios and Christophe Penasse, Elena Salmistraro and Sara Ricciardi, multifaceted designers among the most celebrated on the contemporary Italian scene; Maurizio Lai, architect, designer and professor, founder of Lai Studio; Alexandra Klatt, founder of Berlin Design Week; Camilla Bellini, interior designer and design blogger; Liu Jie Founder of AOD Group, one of the most important design and architecture studios in China; Julia Haney Montañez, writer, curator, designer and founder of The Design Release; Marco Williams Fagioli, founder of Zup Design, 5 awarded twice with Compasso d’Oro ADI’s prize and professor of Design at the University of Perugia; Wisse Trooster, Dutch designer
and influencer, who works for Isola in Eindhoven. And there are also designers Lorenzo Damiani, Robin Rizzini, and Fransje Gimbrere; interior designers Katerina Kovalenko and Roberta Borrelli; Giovanni Avallone, one of the founders of Caracol AM; professors Elena Marioni from Istituto Marangoni and Renke He from Hunan University; the founder of Design Network Lorenz Kilga; the Sicilian emerging architect Salvatore Palumbo; Ana Luisa Magalhães and Marlon Chiumento from Soma Studio and Marlene Bruch, designer and curator of Sustainable Design News.

Awars Prize
Italian Designer Tommaso Spinzi designed the Isola Design Awards prize. Spinzi is a designer of the Milanese scene who lives and works in the Isola district and will be the Ambassador of Isola Design Festival. His design philosophy is characterized by an artistic approach and strong contamination with the industrial and automotive world, with a keen eye on the issues of low environmental impact and upcycling. These peculiar traits will emerge from his new projects, that will be presented in September in collaboration with Isola and the awards that he has exclusively designed and will be produced by Caracol AM, using only recycled plastic materials, metallic
coating and a robotic arm for 3D printing. From May 3rd it will be possible to apply for the competition, while the awards ceremony is scheduled for July 23rd in Milan, obviously in the Isola district!


Ana Milena Hernández Palacios and Christophe Penasse, Elena Salmistraro and Sara Ricciardi, Maurizio Lai, Alexandra Klatt, Camilla Bellini, Liu Jie, Julia Haney Montañez, Marco Williams Fagioli, Wisse Trooster, Lorenzo Damiani, Robin Rizzini, and Fransje Gimbrere, Katerina Kovalenko and Roberta Borrelli, Giovanni Avallone, Elena Marioni ,Renke He, Lorenz Kilga, Salvatore Palumbo, Ana Luisa Magalhães and Marlon Chiumento, and Marlene Bruch


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