Jerusalem Design Week 2022

Jerusalem Design Week 2022 will explore design and ephemerality


The eleventh Israeli edition and sixth international edition of Jerusalem Design Week (JDW) takes place in Jerusalem’s historic Hansen House from 23rd–30th June 2022. Welcoming more than 40,000 visitors, JDW is Israel’s foremost public design event. At Hansen House, 200 Israeli and international designers will participate in over 40 events, exhibitions, and installations. Moreover, JDW will see new collaborations with leading local and international partners. With design centred around a yearly theme, JDW encourages non-commercial works and a cross-disciplinary approach in targeting new formats for exhibitions, performances, and events.

This year’s Jerusalem Design Week theme examines the NOW. It considers the present as a temporal, time-related trap which compresses both past and future, and asks designers to reassess their agency. The quickening pace of technological change, radical social transformations, and threats to the world’s ecological stability, make the future impossible to predict. For these same reasons, the past is impossible to sustain. The design world fundamentally echoes, acts in, and serves the prevailing zeitgeist. A persistence of short-term thinking in the present—viewing design as ephemeral—demands new approaches from designers. For that reason, questioning and challenging the status quo is more important than ever. JDW 2022 aims to explore design and ephemerality, with a focus on the present time—‘the NOW’—and its impact on the field of design.

Jerusalem Design Week was initiated by Hansen House Center for Design, Media and Technology and managed by Ran Wolf company. The event is promoted by the Jerusalem Development Authority and the Ministry of Jerusalem and Heritage.


Smadar Tsook, Ran Wolf, Anat Safran, Tal Erez


Hansen House Center for Design, Media and Technology, Jerusalem Development Authority, Ministry of Jerusalem and Heritage
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