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NODE presents 'Designing with an Indian spirit' with Srila Chatterjee


Srila Chatterjee takes us on a journey through her work and her cardinal beliefs that form the basis of her unique and expressive style.

Srila Chatterjee is the co-founder and curator of renowned lifestyle store Baro. She is celebrated for her unique and expressive storytelling style, has an insatiable passion for the 'Indian imagination', and her work always features India’s rich heritage of arts and crafts.

In this workshop, you will get a front seat view to how Srila approaches a design project and the three important boxes that must be ticked:

1. Choose the right colours
2. Always tell a story
3. Use craft to be original

Srila will also delve into the elements that she incorporates to help create maximum impact in the spaces she designs - Textiles, Lamps, Art, Flooring, and Being Eclectic.

We are excited to deep dive into Srila's cardinal beliefs that define the direction in which she designs and forms the basis of her unique style and expression!

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Srila Chatterjee
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