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Poché International Design Studio 1

Poché is here with ALTER EGO


The studio hopes to generate an inquiry and an architectural/ urban expression of the 'Open City', the participative and inclusive city, the life-affirming city. In doing this, it proposes to create an alternative narrative, a creative challenge to the notions of 'city' that remain purely organisational, narrowly symbolic, exclusionary, and controlling.

The credo of the studio is: "Life is diverse and ever-changing, and architecture and urban form that affirms rather than controls life is what we seek".

Equally the method of the studio will be exploratory and playful, participative rather than individualistic, continually self-reflexive, and therefore creative and unpredictable. The pace of work and discussion will be intensive.

The studio is open to an unlimited number of students to audit. However, only a limited number of participants will be accepted.

Instructors and teaching associates will interact with teams individually and collectively during designated hours. The studio will be infused with formal lectures by eminent guest speakers from time to time alongside informal chats during late evenings or after studio sessions. Weekly presentations shall be made by participants that will also be put up on the website and made public. Requirements for a final presentation at the end of the four-week studio will be posted and the fifth week shall be reserved for production towards the final presentation. Individual contributions within teams shall be observed and tracked throughout the duration of the studio and certificates of participation along with merit certificates will be awarded to deserving participants.

Participants shall be expected to learn and adapt to emerging methods of learning and working online using platforms such as Slack®, Zoom®, and Autodesk BIM 360®. These platforms along with learning resources shall be made available to the participants.

The insightful sessions will be held from August 15-September 19 to share your ideas of a city. These discussions also open a space for The Poché Conversations: a series of 12-15 lectures by artists, writers, environmentalists, historians, sociologists amongst others who will share ideas of a city from their perspectives.

Minimum requirements for joining: All are welcome to participate including students and professionals from fields other than habitat design.

Limited seats available.

Registrations closing soon. Click here to know more!


Neelkanth Chhaya, Riyaz Tayyibji, Sudipto Ghosh, Sarosh Anklesaria, Zameer Basrai, Shilpa Ranade, Hussain Indorewala, Ayaz Basrai, Shilpa Mevada, Owais Asif, Gaytri Easwaran


The Poché Studio


BV Doshi, Vidya Rao, Shahid Amin, Dilip Da Cunha, Khyati Saraf, Anthony Acciavati, Pradip Krishen, Shabnam Virmani, GN Devy, Arshia Sattar, S Vishwanath, Rupali Gupte, Madhav Raman, Ashok Vajpeyi, Ranjit Hoskote, Prem Chandavarkar, Pankaj Vir Gupta
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