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Samsung Mobile Design Competition 2019

Samsung and Dezeen launch $40,000 mobile design competition for Galaxy devices


Samsung and Dezeen are calling for the best graphics and accessory designs to enhance future Galaxy mobile devices, in a new competition with prize money of $40,000.

The Samsung Mobile Design Competition 2019 has two categories – one to design accessories that create new ways to experience Galaxy smartphones, tablets and wearables, and another for screen wallpapers with features such as interactivity and contextual awareness.

Design for the future
The Samsung Mobile Design Competition challenges professional and student designers to imagine how we will use mobile devices in the future and present fresh perspectives on how Galaxy smartphones, tablets and wearables could evolve.

For the Next Mobile + category, contestants will design accessories to suit any Samsung Galaxy device - whether that is a smartphone, tablet, smartwatch or earbuds.

The judges will be looking for accessory designs that provide interesting new functionality or features, or suggest new ways that Galaxy mobile devices could be used in future.

For the Next Mobile Wallpaper Paradigm category, contestants will design for any Galaxy device with a screen – whether that is a smartphone, tablet or smartwatch. Their wallpaper designs can be static, animated or live, but they should suggest new possibilities, such as interactive wallpaper that responds to the user's touch and movement, or generative designs that transform depending on the user's data or situation.

$10,000 prize for the winner
The winner in each category will receive $10,000 from a total prize pot of $40,000. There is also $5,000 for the second-placed contestants in each category, $3,000 for third place, and $1,000 each for the entrants that finish fourth and fifth.

The competition is open to all professional designers or design students who are over 18 and able to present their work to a panel of English-speaking judges.

Contestants will also need to be free to travel to the UK from September 24-26, 2019 and the USA from October 28-31, 2019, in order to present their design to the jury and attend the ceremony.


Samsung and Dezeen


The top five finalists in each category will have the chance to present their ideas in London before a jury including Samsung executives and Dezeen editor-in-chief Marcus Fairs.
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