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Step Forward

A stepping stone towards a brighter future for youth


Vulnerable youth
Youth is said to be the driving force of a nation's economy. Their position is hyped up as they represent business owners and leaders of the coming future. But their position in society is falsely indicated as many of them are struggling to make ends meet in their present. For them, the future remains uncertain.

Homelessness is on the rise in almost every city around the world. Different sections of the population face this issue due to a myriad of reasons from inflation and economic problems to scarcity of resources. Affordable housing demand has surged in the last few decades.

The population of youth being homeless is a huge concern in developed countries. This community is especially vulnerable since they lack stability, support, and guidance at this age. They face unique challenges, as they bounce from one housing system to another.

How can we create a stable home for the unguarded youth in dense urban cities?

Brief: Design a transition centre for homeless youth with housing and other facilities that would equip them with skills for independent living.
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