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STIR Creativity

Open Call


If there is one thing that has made the world look brighter, salvaged humanity and kept hope alive, it is Art.

Here is an opportunity to STIR CREATIVITY – re-imagine and express yourself in immersive, playful, stimulating and diverse ways, and get noticed by a large global audience.

01min watch

The competition invites artists, architects, influencers, design professionals, photographers, students and creators to share sketches, drawings, art, graphics or installations depicting emotions/expressions/new ideas with the aid of

- 21 lines or
- 21 strokes of paint-brush or
- 21 found objects (21 matchsticks, bottles, cubes, herbs, grains of spices, twigs, canvas etc.) or
- 21 words
(along with a max 21-word description of your entry)

Architects can create sketches/drawings using 21 lines or models or structures using 21 blocks or bricks or any object or form.

Artists can create installations or artworks using 21 brush strokes or 21 objects.

Fashion designers can create a pattern with 21 stitches or 21 cuts.

Photographers can put their lens to work using 21 frames.

Graphic designers can create a poster or stop-motion animation by using 21 lines/ patterns/ colours / frames.

Let's put on our creative hats for many more possibilities!

- Upload your artwork on your Instagram/Facebook page and tag us with the following handles and hashtags:
Instagram: @stir_world @bombaysapphire
Facebook: @staystirred @bombaysapphire
#STIRcreativity #BombaySapphire

- Also send your entry to along with your short biography, profile photograph and address

Lead the challenge by inviting 2 (or more) people to participate by tagging them while sharing your artwork on social media.

Get Featured
Select entries will be featured on, gaining global recognition from creative leaders. Will be announced on April 20, 2020.

Support a cause
With consent of the creator, selected works will be placed to raise funds to support initiatives around the COVID-19 crisis.




Bombay Sapphire


  • Martand Khosla

    210 seconds + 21 lifts of the pen

  • Ravi Vazirani

    The sound of silence

    21 stills from what was meant to be 21 days. An attempt to see calm and the beauty within the restraint that is life at the moment. If you can hear the voices in my head between the stills, they're real. If you can see hear the peace within the stillness, it's real. Life is this, real or real.

  • Michelle Poonawala

    Corona Migrants

    Just 21 strokes of black paint are used to create this cutie. If you look closely, you will spot a sunflower head, a fishtail, feather hands, leaf buds, a butterfly in a cocoon and a lot more. All this in some parts is me right now, during this lockdown.

    Ink on Paper

  • Sanjay Puri

    Explicit in 21

    Twenty one curved lines create a floor plan with two side views illustrating the architectural design concept of a community centre

  • Probir Gupta


    Iloose youplural
    arrestedrashid. arrestedTaj
    mypoem oflove

    iturn inshame
    my brothers are dying
    Desh is hounding Aamir"

  • Satadru Sovan

    21 Days Homage to Asexuality

    Life division, is in itself, a manner of lockdown, a mental storm. I am referring to my performance partner, as to how we divide ourselves, and from the outset of the lockdown being announced, I began to recall my mentor, Jogen Choudhury, word’s: “Your feelings may be stored in creation.” This particular work is a personal homage to him, an attempt to relocate past memory and discover as to why we have both stored in our creative “box”. It is a 21 day journey, each day filled with the personal feelings of mine, on reality and the present. Moreover, my text is just as this…

  • Anup Let

    It's hard to deny

    In such a situation my artistic thinking is revealed with the things that are available on hand used in everyday life. Such as use of nine glasses, acrylic colour, pen and ink, handmade paper, writing through the Some reference and how many lines are drawing. Altogether a mutual relationship is formed by twenty one objects.

    Handmade paper, Ink, Acrylic Color, Glasses

  • Basil.Braganza

    My 21 words

    The creative MY 21 Words is just a reflection of the same , words aligned in the form of a sword, the message i want to put across to the world is that “the way we are putting up a fight against this pandemic and holding on to our faith we will surely win over.

  • Dakshil Rana

  • Gurleen Matharu

    21 strips of paper has been used to cutout a portrait, when assembled horizontally, reflects the portrait in a play of light and shadow. The strips are placed on transparent panels that form the support.

  • Hemant Jathelal Pandya

    Light of Unity & Power

    My painting is showing that how people of India from different religion are gathered together to fight against corona.They have lightened flames and from that flames our mother Earth have become strong and more powerful , and she is attacking to corona and saving unity becomes powerful to fight with any problems. thanks.

    Mixed Media on Paper

  • Megha Sawhney

    Here is a re-imagining of myself!

    Just 21 strokes of black paint are used to create this cutie. If you look closely, you will spot a sunflower head, a fishtail, feather hands, leaf buds, a butterfly in a cocoon and a lot more. All this in some parts is me right now, during this lockdown.

    Mixed Media on Paper

  • Mike Knowles

    From Dust Were Ye Made.

    Terracotta - mud. Evolution of us and evolution of mechanics in 21 pieces of clay. Firing next.

    Terracota, Mus

  • Neeta Khanuja


    Complex and chaotic yet subtle and beautiful. To be, such that there is no distinction between the 'self' and the 'other'.

  • Rashmi Pote

    Fourteen Fourteen

    "This piece is inspired by a beautiful teaching by Buddhist nun and teacher Pema Chodron. “ Things falling apart is a kind of testing and also a kind of healing. We think that the point is to pass the test or to overcome the problem, but the truth is that things don’t really get solved.

    They come together and they fall apart.

    Then they come together again and fall apart again, Its just like that.

    The healing comes from letting there be room for all of this to happen: room for grief, for relief, for misery for joy.”

    (1414 came together in this piece unintentionally, and on reading up I found that it symbolizes that your angels are near. Serendipity!)

    Mixed Media on Paper

  • Saim Ghani

    Mother Board

    21 people from different walks/ ideologies in life all connected with a wire of connectivity, oneness and hope - pandemically!

  • Shan Re

    Nocturnal Bloom

    "“Listening to the quite voice within me...
    Exploring infinite dimensions within myself...
    Standing on the thresh hold of new experience...
    I have been painting The Canvas of my life...
    Drop by drop...word by word...
    To unwrap my own destiny...
    Passion flows through me Like a stream of colour In the flames of passion I create breathtakingly Beautiful masterpieces From the deep sea of mystery Somewhere between Memories and fantasies Between echoes of silence and hope...
    I am intoxicated and addicted to the power creativity...
    My inner fire is what keeps me going” "

  • Shivangi Gupta

    State of Mind

    "Feel so free, yet trapped;
    Feel so confused, yet sure; Feel so annoyed, yet content;
    Feel so drained, yet excited."

    Hand Embroidery on Silk Organza

  • Tamara Ceglia

    My emotions in 21 objects.

  • Vidit Jain

    Don't follow others, follow yourself! It takes just one to change things. The graphic contains 21 dots as proposed by @stir_world. The 20 of them follow the same path however, the 21st makes the move, it's right in the centre! Today, we all have become a prey to the commonness. We fear to try something new, to be unique, different. We fail to recognise and cherish the true us, which could've transformed us, transformed in a way that we'd have never thought of! So go this quarentine try something new, something which is closer to you, closer to who you are! MAKE YOUR PATH!

  • Vimi Rath

    The Corollary

    The artwork submitted is made by using 21 equal sized rectangular blocks ( Jenga blocks used from my children’s game ). The colours , black and white and the overall tone of the artwork depicts the state of mind at large, which is visible across the world. The model depicts the vertical movement of our society which will soon start reflecting in every sphere of our society and very evidently in architecture.

    Jenga Blocks

  • Oishik Chakraborty

    It is a hand model of Stonehenge, made with 21 wood brick pieces (50mm x 25mm x 10mm) stacked up.

  • Sarthak Talreja

    21 Patterns with lines as an element.

  • Nivesh Trivedi

    21 Masketeers

    Protecting Her beautiful soul with 21 Masks. Females are beautiful creature. showing her 21 avatar, to show she’s precious not delicate.

  • Aishwarya Shetty

    21 different stories, 21 spaces away

    Bombay's children feeling the blues in these quarantine days, social distancing isn’t easy they say...

  • Apoorva Shroff

    Art Meets Architecture

    Art meets Architecture in this home that is brought to life with 21 images, while it awaits it's loneliness to pass.

  • Aman Negi

    "Architectural gravitational_illusion exhibition space"

    This concept for exhibition space is developed by the use of 21 artistic patterns by creating a gravitational act of illusion.

  • AJ Architects

    Lock down inspiration with 21 curves

  • Amruta Thakur

  • Aditi Jain

    Golden lining to the pandemic

    The overall framework of the painting uses 21 thick curved lines with other thin curved lines filling in between. Lines form wider base at the bottom and slowly taperes while moving upwards.This is dedicated to 1.3billion people in the country who from different religion,caste and creed unite and become one to fight this pandemic situation and move forward along with golden hope.

  • Anugata Sarkar

    As I love trees and plants and in this quarentine I'm mostly with them, I've thought to create something related to preservation of them. So I've tried to create a herbarium with 21 plant sample.

  • Athira Nair

    Love at First Sight

    This is an abstraction of two souls meeting with their heart in the beauty of nature, in this world where currently everyone is social distancing due to COVID-19... Hope this distancing don't end up in distancing oneself from the human kind and the love.

  • And Design Co

    As a lyric to the endless seeming turmoil humanity is suffering from, this jigsaw puzzle indicates bits of responsibility we all hold. Solidarity represented by nations is already knitting the world together; and individually, this reality check will help contemplate our priorities and we shall emerge wiser and environmentally more responsible.

  • Anisha Subramani

    21 shades of Color

  • Ankush Tripathi

    The Sanitizer Compulsion Device

    Amid the outbreak, one of the most important aspects of Prevention is sanitising your physical contact with the world - 'Your Hands'. Most of the spread of this Virus can be traced to surface contamination passed on by infected individuals caused due to no/improper sanitisation. Moreover, the mass spread can be avoided by keeping better practices of sanitisation at individual level.

    Only a practice like this can ensure we flatten the curve. It is as easy as it effective. Automating this procedure at points of compulsory exit/entry can substantially being down the contamination. This Device works on a very simple principle of -Press to sanitize and Exit. Making disinfecting Compulsory at This device fits on any given design of public door, simple to maintain and use. Keeps most of area of palm exposed to the sprayed jet by minimising the negative space and structural elements inside the apparatus. Structural elements can be easily laser cut and assembled with least amount of skill and at individual level without much hassle.

  • Anusri Saha

    21 frame illustration

  • Arjun Haree

    How quickly Mother Nature flourishes if the stress that the human activities pose on her is reduced'

  • Seema Puri Mullan

    We have to rise above that which pulls us down. Life is unpredictable we have to be open to change . Train our mind to adapt ,and see the positive side of things in any circumstance . Once we are through this we will learn to respect and focus not only on success but significance,so even the small steps and little victories along our path will take on a greater meaning.
    It’s taught us to be simple ,even frugal , because the less that you learn to live with the happier you will be .
    We will also value with renewed interest all the cogs in our daily life who help us achieve our goals .
    Learn to source from closer so wether you are talking about design , furniture , or material , keep it local keep it from around . In this way ensuring that we are moving towards a more sustainable future.

  • Damini Kashelkar


  • Durgesh Nakrani

    Freedom is most powerful word in its own right. Everyone alive here is struggling to free itself from something or other.

  • Ekanshee Saxena

  • Jagruti Rathod

    "lines divide and lines unite lines also create space"

    "21 triangles made with lines ... amidst the lockdown we may be resorting to social distancing but we are fighting it out as one. ... separate yet together"

  • Jignesh Panchal

    Summer of 2019

  • Kalki Kanmani

    "Verified We're 6. 2 who don't speak But for woofs and clicks, Then there's plants - 3 Who don't talk back But still make great company"

  • Maithili Raut

    21 Silver Linings in the time of COVID 19. Do good consequences reduce the suffering or is it a privileged point of view?

  • Manasa Rajeshwari

    """We say that flowers return every spring, but that is a lie. It is true that the world is renewed. It is also true that that renewal comes at a price, for even if the flower grows from an ancient vine, the flowers of spring are themselves new to the world, untried and untested.

    The flower that wilted last year is gone. Petals once fallen are fallen forever. Flowers do not return in the spring, rather they are replaced. It is in this difference between returned and replaced that the price of renewal is paid.

    And as it is for spring flowers, so it is for us."""

  • Meenakshi Dravid

  • Doodle Princess


  • BAD Studio

  • Dev Gakhar

    The installation has been derived with the idea of 21 narrations of different communities or portraits that represent different societies of a nation. Those documentries are audible from the cubicles designed The red threads represent the spread of corona virus through a person to person or a community spread. The chaos is developed from the thread structure to represent how this virus spreads. In contrasting context, the nature is regenerating itself, Taking it form through today's condition of human civilization. This complete installation is a COVID Memorial which tells different aspects of this virus.

  • Frame Hunter

  • Kanhai Gandhi


    he art of social distancing, part of the Indian culture thru the centuries, perfect for personal hygenie, with 21 simple strokes with natural hues of the environment to fight and a simple step to fight the covid virus

  • Lavanya Asthana

    We move on and amongst everything, there is hope to be spotted.

  • Maithili Raut

    Are we hurtling towards seemingly clean and regimented hierarchies of lines, rules and surveillance? All good until there is a chink in the armour, a glitch in the program and we find ourselves in an Orwellian nightmare.

  • Anuradha Deb

  • Ekshikaa S

    The Whirwind of Life

  • Kapil Jangid

    Utopian Dreams About City

  • Hari

    "Landscape Impressionism and semi abstract"

  • Harsha Durugadda

    At a time such as this when panic is our current state of mind. The human condition needs to evolve better.

  • Loco


  • Ekta Godhwani

  • Anuja Aggarwal

    "Finished this vibrant alcohol ink art with 21 golden strokes. I call this the Perpetual Flowing River that has the cleansing fire, the strength, and the determination to take on, burn and uproot every challenge that comes on its way.

    The corona virus is disrupting the life as we know it, but the universe will have a way and will do all that it takes to get back and create a new world. "

  • Anushka Contractor

  • Bharat Dodiya

    In this work, I tried to capture emotions of Kashmir floating vegetable market. This work look like a floating vegetable boat.

  • Avik Chattopadhyay

    It is the word "Shakti / Strength" written in 21 common languages of India. Strength is what we need the most - unity, resolve, purpose, action and implementation. And that will give the nation more strength.

  • Asnaa Ali Sabzposh

  • Barnali Ray

    Sitting, waiting fluttering with hope

    I clicked this photograph of 21 Pigeons atop a cabin in a canal in Venice (the windows on that burnt Siena wall are seen because the windows of the cabin are mirrored) in December 2015. As life waits to take flight again, this memory becomes ever more significant.

  • Anusha Katoch

    A new constellation is coming into place

    "With the spread of Covid-19 , our lives have come to an unexpected halt. This is yet another ""big bang' that is stirring inside all of us and it creates an amalgamation of emotions that we experience every 24hrs which we otherwise would rather ignore.

    If we embrace all of our versions in this chaos we shall align ourselves into a new constellation (galaxy) altogether. "

  • Anna Ramdhany

  • Devshree Sahai

  • Gloria Beriha

  • Deepesh Sangtani

    Stalled Projections

  • Archana

    Friendship in 21 colors.

  • Anusha Batra

    A 21 lines plant.

    This Quarantine makes people close, and mother nature more closer to people. Waking up to birds chirping, windy air, and sound through the movement of plants, trees make a calm beautiful morning.

  • Harleen Kaur

    Go Corona Go

    While the world goes 'stir' crazy with Covid-19, the Indian are chanting 'Go Corona Go' with over enthusiasm and hope!

  • Anjali Sequeira

    21 Leaves

    These 21 leaves in the composition represent the current state of people all over the world. In these 21 says, we have all gone through ups and downs. Hope is the only thing that can keep us going.

  • Ansh Kumar

    21 colours of qurantine.

    "The installation represents the colours and souls we have come across in the times of self Isolation. This is surely the toughest scenario our generation has seen, but at the same time, it has allowed us to self reflect, slow down from our busy lives and go deep inside ourselves to find the things we love doing. It has helped us understand the different colours we are made of and how these colours live with us in these times. They are like shadows you could talk to, play with and understand yourself better.

    The installation thus takes the 21 colours and the 21 following shadows as a metaphor to the 21 versions of ourselves that we have discovered during the past 21 days. Installation uses Kinect as a sensor. ."

  • Arushi Upmanyu

  • Anjali Sequeira

    21 Leaves

    These 21 leaves in the composition represent the current state of people all over the world. In these 21 says, we have all gone through ups and downs. Hope is the only thing that can keep us going.

  • Colorito

    Misty Tea Coasters

    We have come up with 21 tea coasters that represent an event in the life of this brave & smart girl. Each of these coasters is hand painted & illustrates a very inspiring story.

  • Farzin Adenwalla


  • Anvesha Naik

    "An illusion is a distortion of the sense, which can reveal how the human brain normally organizes and interprets sensory stimulation. People generally make perception according to the way their brain works which generates false beliefs and assumptions or distorted reality. I have made 7 triangles using 21 stitches in a way that they give an illusionary effect. One of each triangle's angles is merging into a point and the other two angles of these triangles are giving an effect of forming an arc, one after another.

    Here I have used a triangle as a form of faith (Christian context), an arc represents the symbolism of the circle as moving life and growth, and a point (center point) that represents the notion of the self. Right now we all need to have faith in ourselves and the universe that it will only grow towards magnanimity of life.

    You can easily see this type of illusionary behavior and that's what we need to change to broaden our mind and give space to the sanguine, especially in the current situation. The world needs to act with one accord and not in a mutinous way."

  • Arianne Keller


    "In my artwork I deal with different steps of speedness. Mumbai which is called as one of the fastest cities in the world is exspacially an interesting place to deal with that item. For a long time I have been wondering myself how it may feel, if something seriously will happen and as an effect of that people have to slow down or even need to standstill. ln 21 works are equivalent to 21 cityscenes which deal with fastness, blurry ness and standstill. Standstill is formally shown in the ""speed stripes"" you can see in several pictures. 21. Is the number of days of the originally faced shutdown in India. 21 is a mythological number it's found in spiritual coherences all over the world 21 Tarot cards - great arcanas 21 ""vollkommenen Weisheiten"" in bible 21 as the inverse of the number 12 meaning the 12 apostle 21 is the auspicious number in indian mythology"

  • Aanchal Garg

    "𝐒𝐭𝐢𝐫 𝖯𝗈𝗌𝗂𝗍𝗂𝗏𝗂𝗍𝗒 with Art. 21 Newspaper strips."

    "Cutting out all the positive notes from the everyday news just to keep the 𝐇𝐨𝐩𝐞 Alive. (The blue color of sheet is added for BombaySapphire.)"

  • Amit Mehra

    21 days lockdown diary project

  • Aditi Varshnei

    COVID 19 in Braille

    "A year ago I attended a session at the Invisible Exhibition in Budapest. I was in awe at how well they explained what it's like to be blind in a world full of chaos, sound, smells, textures. What echoed in me after that experience was something I always knew but finally understood the value of."

  • Ginelle Gabriella Lopes

    21 boxes. 21 beings being boxed in. What becomes of us in this forced closure?

  • Zarna Doshi

    METAMORPHOSIS : from distress to hope


  • Winnie Chan

    Escape from blackhole

    Self-isolation leads to a circular inward thinking process. This does not mean there is no end but and end there is.

  • Vishvesh Pathak

    21 Days of quarantine, days to make sure the survival of human identity. We took the challenge to fight against the Novel COVID-19, fight against to save our individuality. We interrelations with what we create or design. The building reflects the memory of endless time, emotions, art, and the creator. History has always inspired us; it's a path of improvement and problem-solving. It's a kind of gift to the future.

  • Vedika Khaitan

    21 Forms

  • Veda Ajwani

    21 pegs a tribute to Health Workers - The Artists of today !

  • Vanessa Meister

    21 instagram selfies that reveal an inner journey during confinement. A time to face oneself, heal, create and come out stronger.

  • Vaishnavi Thakur

  • Tehmeena Firdos

    21 exchanges which is posted by by Art Centrix Space. Here with Iam attaching my text along with my cv and the description of my previously done art works.

  • Tapas Kumar Mandal


    In this artwork a family is portrayed where parents are loving and protecting his child. They are conversing with their child that enjoy every moment what you have, whichever situation you are in today. The current situation in earth is a lesson for human kind. Look through the window the nature is breathing and replenishing again. We should not break the balance between nature and humanity. Humanity will stand again and will continue to exist and will continue to bloom brighter after every dark scar in the history of mankind. Sunshine is coming.

  • Surabhi Nafdey

    While looking at the empty and silent streets, I urge people to stay at home, keep clean, sanitize and stay safe.

  • Surabhi Chowdhary

    We all are stuck in a constant whirlpool of thoughts, it is upto us if we give into optimism or pessimism.

  • Suchi

    The journey of a caterpillar till it turns into a butterfly amazes me to no end. It’s like a message to the world, no matter what, never ever stop.

  • Subarna Sadhu

  • Studio Trace NYC

    Exponential creations.

  • Sonia Lalchandani

    21 brush strokes abstract painting

  • Sonia Bhattacharjee

    'Counting days to end the past and begin the new'

  • Sonam Bhardwaj

  • Sonali Sonam

  • Simaran Toor

    A Pinnacle

  • Srishti Patel

    21 Spices

  • Shraddha Gandhi

  • Shatrudhan Gupta

    Unlimited Series

  • Shamika

    Each individual is as individual as their fingerprints, and I think that's extraordinary.

  • Shaifali Johar

    Lockdown at home

  • Saurabh Mhatre

    Delirium - A Frame Of Mind

    A rotational-scalar transformation of the Cartesian plane about it’s origin, along the dimension of time, which creates an illusion of disorientation of space and time, simulating a delirium.

  • Saoni Sanyal

    Fransworth house

  • Sandhya Padmini Narayanan

    My pen sketch represents 21 people, who are now leading this war against the COVID-19 virus, in their own individual ways. Whether it be doctors, nurses, police or volunteers providing food to migrants - all these people have come together at this crucial time to restore normalcy to the current chaos in the world.

  • Samyak Jain

    During periods of strife when we are tested, we must rely on strong foundations and roots that connect and bind us.

  • Sameer Balvally


    One heartbeat... Many makes a lifeline... Today as we battle an unfortunate pandemic, we are forced to retreat indoors. While we are forced to stay away from many, we find comfort within. Within the boundaries of our home, we nurture love, hope for a better tomorrow, connect with those we have lost touch, and forgive those we held a grudge against. It's a matter of perspective. Home is where the heart is.

  • Samdisha Bagga

    The 21 curves show the whirlpool of emotions that we have been going through everyday. Fear, Joy, Happiness, Sorrow, Uncertainty,Trust, Anger, Love, Hatred, Confused, Calm, Bored, Creativity, Awe, Joy, Sympathy, Empathy, Confused, Determination, Hesitation. And HOPE.. for a brighter tomorrow.

  • Sagar Pankhaniya

    Step well with 21 landings

    The model was made out of single piece of paper with few cuts and several folds. It represents the water reservoir found in Gujarat, India. Its one of the great example of magnificent Architecture of hot and dry region.

  • Ruchika Mane


    Days when things around us are not bright and colorful (the grey colour). One feeling lonely from deep within(the black colour).'ll see rays of hope coming your way(the white colour). It is upto you what you want to focus on (hence the eye)...the darkness and loneliness in you(black rays-21 strokes ) or hope (white rays 21 in number)for a better and brighter future.

  • Ruchika Mane


    We can often see the physical injuries one gets and also feel their pain but what is often neglected is the injury and pain that is caused to one's heart. The 21 strokes of a brush are shown in the form of the 21 stitches to the heart

  • Rubhkirat Vohra


    At the doorstep A space allows She stands gazing and pondering Searching the innermost recesses of her heart At the Mehrab.

  • Rishika Kapoor

    ‘The Kiss’ by Gustav Klimt

    I have illustrated the couple from the famous painting ‘The Kiss’ by Gustav Klimt. In this minimalist artwork, 21 stripes or lines are uniformly used in the negative space between the embracing couple and the woman’s feet.

  • Rishabh Patel

    Portrayal of 'Dhruva' using 21 Curves

    With belief in himself he became the youngest devotee of Vishnu; was made north star.

  • Rohan Dahotre

  • Priti

    The New Dawn

    Though it feels like doomsday, it feels unbearable at times, it is also a time for introspection and reflection, time to see how we all are truly inter-connected. That it is important to calibrate our outlook to our environment, what is truly essential and how it is time to live a more awakened life. It is The New Dawn!

  • Pretika Menon

    Stage For One.

    I’ve always been awkward in front of the camera, an effect of comparing myself with the perfect figures I grew up looking at in media. I decided to resolve with myself and negate the consciousness I feel about my body and my childish face. I treated myself as the model and created roles for me to play. Baring myself in this way, I removed the fear and discomfort in my own imperfections and started to enjoy the role play.

  • Khushali Chawda

    21 Days of Observing the Sky

    Here are 21 days of clouds from around the world for you to imagine a whole world within. This project aims to make people enjoy the beauty of the cumulus to a cumulonimbus. It is an attempt to encourage people to pause for a moment from their busy lives and look up and build castles in the clouds. As G.K. Chesterton said, “There are no rules of architecture for a castle in the clouds.”

  • Jenil Mota

  • Huzef Bandukwala

  • Studio PKA

    Pandemics Classified

    Advertisements of the future: Today's lockdown essentials. Tomorrow's capitalism market. Irony of 21 old advertisements promote existing products with altered luxury.

  • Studio PKA

    The Third Outbreak - Year 2100

    ‘7 Stages of Grief’ depicted as 21 tiles - rediscovered and shared with the world:
    • Documentation
    • Commentary
    • Reminder
    • Coping Mechanism

  • Aasthi Miller

    "21 thoughts. 21 strings of wild scary gibberish. 21 days of lock down. 21 problems. 21 kind careful gestures. 21 lines"

  • ADND

    21 Emotions

    In this pandemic, we have been isolated, limited and restricted; it has stirred within us a sense of awareness and responsibility and making us realise what we have taken for granted. A human spirit is free, it’s mind and thoughts a nomad-never chained in one position. From this isolation if one thing that has emerged it has been the importance of mobility and how movement is essential for our well being and existence.

    In these times of isolation, the world has never before been so unified and connected; if countries are the independent body parts and the mind represents the people residing in those borders then the collective effort to win against this virus is like a coordinated effort of mind connected to a healthy body.We have put a collage of movements to signify 21 emotions; each emotion captured in fluidity of a dance movement. We believe that the expression of dance, is most expressive and liberating and can capture the true sentiments reflecting our dark times.

    We, ADND, have collaborated with @NethraMenon in capturing these emotions that have been stirred within us during this lockdown.

    The video is complimented with a poster at the end forming a collage of each emotion.

  • Afreen Beig

  • Alessandro Tomei

    21 elements

    "Not delineated space. 20 straight lines pointing all the same center, plus 1 curved line. The straight lines are spaced in order to create different groups. The numbers of elements of each group is growing as a sum of elements of the previous group. The Fibonacci's serie.

    The curved line represent the growth obtained by continuous elements.

    This represent the evolution, the growth."

  • Amankshi Rawat

    Distorted lives. Living it up!

    21 plates creates a installation illustrating distorted lives of crowded migrants waiting for transport during quarantine.

  • Andry Sha

    Dive Deep Within Yourself

    We are going through really testing times but optimistically this is the pause that we needed to Dive Deep Within Ourselves.

  • Anisha Chakrabarty

  • Jannat Vasi

    Using an emoticon transition, we capture the current sentiment of the world that is hopeful for a happy and healthy tomorrow.

  • Jaspreet Khurana

    21 Lines and 21 Words

  • Kapil Chopra

    21 Words

  • Khushboo Khandelwal

    21 lines - an interpretation of where we have reached today.

  • Lakshmi Menon


    "CoVeed is all about counting our blessings and expressing our gratitude. We could lock down, because we have a house to lock up. Let's create 100000... of coveeds together, fill it up with goodies and gift it to people who are making our lives in the home safer and enjoyable during these lockdown period. The telephone companies, the KSEB staff, water authority, Banking staff, medical and food shops, media, excise dept, other Govt officials etc etc And the most special thanks to health workers and police forces."

  • Mansi Rawal

    Her Soil

    A poetry to depict one's love for the nation involving 5 senses of human body and 5 elements of nature.

  • Namita Rayangoudar

    The Unsung Heroes

  • Narayanan Mohanan

    Nature will reset anyhow

  • Nida Mahmood

    The Many Moods of Mr Toffee Tinkerbell

    My cat, Mr Toffee Tinkerbell, is a man of many moods. Here's a #21mood board of him through various times in the day. We play hide and seek every evening. I look for him, then he looks for me, with a lot of cheating!

  • Nikita Hurtis

    21 stamps of life

  • Nikita Kamat

    21 words, 21 lines.

    As Numerology states that number 21 is for creativity and Inspiration. My artwork is my ode to 21.

  • Oosheen Tanya

    I have used tribal art of Maharashtra to convey the message of social harmony. The element used 21 times are the geometric shapes with are a hallmark of warli art form as well including: triangles, rectangles and circles.

  • Orijit Sen

    There was never a better time for art.

  • Parnika Mittal


  • Pawan Singh

  • Payal Maloo

    United By Colours

    Here's to the acid attack survivor, the misfits, the one who battled breast cancer, the one we call fat and dark, the one whose acne riddled face takes away her confidence to speak her mind, the amputated survivor, the old and wrinkled...I can keep on adding to this list. All these women, you and me, are beautiful because beauty is not what is on the outside. It is what you are made of, it is in your stride, it is about your enduring journey, it is even your failures wherein you rise above after and find possibilities in the darkest circumstances, it is in your flight after the fight. We all are beautiful. We all are strong. It is time we appreciate ourselves a little more and the ones around us. With this thought in mind, I drew 8 women with different issues, but equally beautiful and strong as any other. 21 colours were used in making this artwork.

  • Piyush Mehra

    We Shall Overcome

    "21 lines representing this message in Morse Code.

    21 Languages spelling ‘Overcome’.

    21 Shades of Grey.

    The phrase takes us from the darkness within to the Bright future which is out there – Represented via one of the most basic expression known to us – MORSE CODE. "

  • Prakriti

    Channel of Emergence

  • Prakriti


  • Prateek Bhati

    Not All Heroes Wear Capes

  • Prerna Seth

    This submission is my attempt to capture people's emotions during this unprecedented global lockdown. It is a collection of six line drawings that add up to a total of 21 strokes.

  • Pritish Srinivasan

    The motion of 21 modules of "FIBER WAVE" is decided by the action of the wind. Its motion is not deliberate but compliant, yet complex. Watching it move, the observer enjoys a feeling of calm, as when gazing at a field of trees waving gently with the breeze.

  • Priyansh

    The Invincible Summer

  • Rachita Rakyan

    Soon, the blinds will roll up, and we will reunite with people and places we love, to appreciate them even more.

  • Raj Bhandare

    21, Seeds of Good Deeds

    The lockdown is a pause in ones life. To stop and retrospect. This live/ growing Installation was inspired by "Plant the seeds the fruit of which you expect" 21 character traits were chosen that will be the guiding light in one's life

  • Reshmi Dey

    21 Lines

  • Riona D'Souza

  • Satish Kumar


    Geometrization is a photo story looking deeper into my place to find abstract yet geometric composition, exploring how the light and shadow moves distorting the reality

  • Sitaram Swain

  • Sourabh Sengupta

    Revolutionary Hope

    When the world stands still and mankind’s existence is at risk,the only reason to move is HOPE.

  • Sshweta Rajeswari

  • Suman Mukhopadhyay

  • Tapasri Saha

    These Typographical Posters capture the positive aspect during this Pandemic situation in our World. The second part urges everyone to do our bit.

  • Utkarsh Verma

    Man with mask! (Using 21 shapes to create this artwork)

  • Utkarsh Verma

    Woman with mask! (Using 21 shapes to create this artwork)

  • Vidushi Gupta

    Stone Age- Story of a futile girl

    Let the wolves know her name, Make them aware that she dances in flame.

  • Azhar Gutti


    This potrait includes 19 faces of my closest friends ... The potraits are made of size ranging from maximum size of 4cm to smallest of 2cm. The things to note in this potrait is that the all 19 faces are made colourful and it passes through the centre face of mine ... My face is in two parts black&white and colour. The colour from the faces of my friends passes through my face and fill joy and happiness in my life by filling my black&white face with colour. This indicates that my life Bloom's by the presence of my friends and without its just dark like the other half.

  • Atelier Dada

    Humanity Versus Humanity

    "21 shape/race/lightbeam = humanity + Unity = 1 shiny/sunny heart = Resilient world = Humanity . 21 race= 6 races among them 1 race having 16subrace Shapes selected and attributed randomly. Any of them could be attributed to another race/lightbeam."

  • Anushika

    21 faces here depicts that when we are binded together with mind and soul we can get the immense strength and power to perform numerous acts at a single time

  • Ayush Sengupta

    The Flow of Emotion

    In this abstract piece the girl is shown emotionally touched as the variety blend of colours show the play of emotions and everything comes out of her in the form of that one tear

  • Sonali Sampat

  • AVG Architecture

    The Flow of Emotion

    Twenty-one words igniting Twenty-one rays of hope from nothingness, for the Twenty-one beings striving to emerge out of the dark abyss.

  • Mnejain

    21: 20 Lines + 1 Square

  • Anchal Chaudhary

  • Bahaar Dhawan Rohatgi


    They say If you can paint, the world is your oyster! And if my work helps save lives, could I be more grateful. ‘They scream, lie naked and pray Night after night, day after day watch the body weaken, mind drift away How can I just sit here, watch them decay’

  • Bhawna

    An experimental video highlighting the need of hygiene and cleanliness at this hour of corona crisis.

  • Chirag Bhatia

    21 Pots 21 Stories 21 Days - Similar not Same Odd One - In

  • Designscapes

    21 letters spread apart that denote hope in the 21st century is in social distancing and staying home with your family.

  • Designscapes

    Divided we stand, united we fall.

    21 tally strokes depict how an individual practicing social distancing is pivotal in breaking the chain.

  • Designscapes

    Walk alone because we are together in it.

  • Devanshu

    Locura De Cinco Lados

    A design made up of 21 pentagons.

  • F+S Design

    The 21 contour lines represent the 21 days of shutdown, and man emerging stronger and better each day until he is out in the free world with his loved ones. Represented on the right are pages, one that we will eventually turn.
    Stay strong. Stay home. Stay safe. Breathe. Relax. Smile. We shall overcome.

  • FairySassMother

    This piece was written during this quarantine and I have used 21 lines to express my time during this lockdown

  • Fatfatiya Designs

  • Hands Carpets

    21 Hands of Tolerance. 21 countries, 21 identities.

    People of different ages, from across the world, with diverse beliefs, backgrounds, faiths and ethnicities - all together on one canvas. Because each one of us, like our hands, and our identities - are unique. And that's what makes us so special, for we are One People.

  • Japp Designs

    21 transcends of crown

    The longing for a golden crown and power of a heirarchy has been constant for centuries. From the king's of epic tales to the royals of mansions to the commons of 21st century,it's still evident and same.

  • Kalp Palak

    Finding the calm in chaos

  • Karthik Aithal


    Covid lockdown can actually prove to be a 'blessing in disguise' to unleash your creativity. Creativity flows when your mind is relaxed and you have a lot of time for yourself. Remember the book that you always wanted to write, the hobby that you wanted to pursue, cooking skills that you wanted to hone, the musical notes you wanted to master, a small kitchen herb garden that you wanted to start or a life saving hack that you wanted to learn. Perhaps, now is the time...

  • Lakiree

    Look how the tables have turned! #absurdreality

    Using 21 layers, I have made an illustration depicting our current situation and the emotion. While we are all caged inside our apartments, the nature is trying to take back what once belonged to it..

  • Divyanshi Gupta

    Created using 21 Alphabets and letters

  • Jayati Gupta

    Point in Time

    Point in Time, is an interactive installation that can be created at a local public garden space with ease. It looks at the positive changes that are happening in the Nature, post the country lockdown, in the current Covid20 situation, gradually improving the quality of air and lifestyle. Red, purples hues are dominant, gradually turning into a healthy green. .

  • Kunal Vaid

    Blackboard : 21 lines in chalk : break the chain by staying indoors for your loved ones, society at large and most importantly for yourself

  • Mahek Imran

    21 strokes of Confusion

  • Mahima Bhayana

    21 words

  • Manav Gupta


  • Manvi Garg

    A quick DIY art installation using 21 CDs to create a wall hanging.

  • Millerink Graphics

    21 thoughts. 21 strings of wild scary gibberish. 21 days of lockdown. 21 lines

    21. Movies. Casablanca. Home. Lockdown. Quarantine. Martini. Prohibition. White House. Bush. Eyebrows. Caterpillars. Dysmelia. Tandem. Bicycle. Unicycle. Unitard. Hockey puck. Rattle snake. Monkey. Monkey underpants.

  • Monica Sareen

    21 strings of Blue!

    White Canvas, 21 Strings, and the color 'Blue'. This art piece is created by pulling 21 strings discovering different shades of Blue. The most exciting part of this technique is creating the unknown which is impossible to replicate. The final outcome turns out as a unique artwork that directly resonates with #stircreativity which allows you to unlock your creative potential and bring out the artist in you.

  • MS Alwar

    A vintage pastely cassette for day 5 of #the100dayproject. Swipe right for a #processvideo.

  • Neethi Acharya


    I see my friends as an amulet, this imaginary force of protection around me, incessantly empowering and protecting me in these difficult times of social distancing (not just rn but even before the pandemic) I am so glad you all chose to be mine. Having these beautiful losers in my life is like having an angel, most of them I get in touch with when I just need to vent or rant and go months without hearing their voice.

  • Maya Matthew

    21 envelopes for the 21 day lockdown.

    Each little envelope contains something significant for the 21 day lockdown. Prayers my mum wrote out for me. Recipes shared by friends and family which I must try. Lists for grocery shopping Origami modules for the 21 kusudamas I've challenged myself to make. Recipes used to make pickle, pancakes and Payasam. Community stitch challenge, exploring up and down buttonhole stitch.

  • Nidhi Chaudhary

    21 extinctions

    Overusing clay leads to cracks. It mends on its own by creating phenomenal folds and forms. It stops just before it is about to become extinct.

  • Nikhil Lodha

    The balcony

    From singing to clapping this place is creating the most of our memories this quarantine. Daily life has been transformed for hundreds of millions of people as the coronavirus pandemic prompts unprecedented lockdowns. Those lucky enough to have balconies make the most of the daylight - and the chance to make a connection with their communities.

  • Nikhil Merchant

    My 21 Ingredient Freezable Tomato Sauce

    So versatile can be used for anything from pasta to pizza to a sauce for coating your protein 2 kg fresh tomato (quartered) 1 box tomato paste 1 small onion 2 tsp oregano 3 Kashmiri chili (broken) 1/2 cup Parmesan cheese 2-3 dried shiitake mushrooms (chopped up) 3 tablsp brown sugar / honey 3 tablsp balsamic vinegar 12 cloves garlic 1 tsp Ajwain 1 tsp thyme 1 tsp rosemary 1/2 cup butter 12 Basil leaves 1 cup water 1 tablsp whole wheat flour 2-3 bay leaves 1 juice of lemon Salt to taste Pepper to taste Chuck everything in a large pot Give it one boil, turn down to a low and cook for 3-4 hours undisturbed (stir occasionally), it should get lusciously thick

  • Obliq Designs


    In this time of lockdown we are looking for that keyhole, that would open up the door to opportunities, growth, happiness, peace… You can climb 21 steps to a new YOU. Each day learn, reflect, change, adapt, give, show gratitude. I have personally been using this lock down period as a opportunity to learn something new for my personal and professional growth. It’s not an easy process to approach change head on. But taking baby steps really helps.

  • Pakhi Sen

    A symposium of sunbirds

  • Prakhya Kant

  • Prasad Bhardwaja

    21 shades Different yet together.

  • Prasad Bhardwaja

    21 strokes. Different yet together.

  • Prasad Bhardwaja

    21 breasts. Different yet Equal.

  • Prasad Bhardwaja

    21 fingers. Different yet together.

  • Preeti David

    21 Quilling Strips

  • Preeti David


  • Sohan Jakhar

    India stay inside, stay safe from Corona!

  • Sonam Jakhar

    A minimalist house design with 21 number in 21 colours...stay home for 21 days and stay safe!

  • Pushkar Thakur

  • Rajesh Kedare

    21 strokes watercolor landscape

  • Ritik Sharma

    To aware people about lockdown, using twenty one lines, i made illusion, that shows, in india, lockdown is extended. stay home.

  • Shikhar Bharadwaj

    21 circles

    the circle is related to the divine: a simple circle has since ancient times represented eternity since it has no beginning and no end. - Bruno Munari

  • Shikhar Bharadwaj

    Juxtaposed 21 components

    Inspired from Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster and the brutalist architecture of soviet.

  • Shikhar Bharadwaj

    21 square boxes.

    1. 1 1. 1 1 2. 1 1 2 3. 1 1 2 3 5. 1 1 2 3 5 8. The number 21 is a Fibonacci number and tried representing it by golden spiral.

  • Shrushti Rao

    Can you guess what these 21 companions are?

  • Shubhra Singh

    Cords Connect and Crafts Educate celebrates Education and Craft utilizing the technique of Ply Split Braiding through 21 hand crafted cords

  • Siya Jagwani

    In quarantine finding inner peace, motive and inspiration.

  • Siya

    21 strokes of blue

  • Sketched Stories

    21 faces that sum up everything

  • Sketched Stories

    21 letters that sum up everything

  • Allison Harell

    Help Each Other

  • Amrasha Bafna

    21 PEAKS

    As the peaks soar to touch the sky, they remind us to look up and reach high!

  • Anupama Dayal

    Unity of 21 : Standing Together in Solitude

    "21 of us work together. Women for needle craft , handprinted, dye specialist , pattern master , tailors , and the studio team .. to create every bolt of unique Anupamaa textile."

  • Kavita Mehta

  • Monto Maske

  • Mujib

    21 Steps - One Step at a Time

  • Nisha Devadiga

  • Ourt

    Anxieties by the door. Pandemonium of the outside world defines the state of indoors! .

    This pandemic brings emotions to the level of anxiety, where we hold our thoughts and opinions more strongly now. Our opinions and thoughts are glued in our heads and constantly building the concerns, and wanting the solutions instantly. This art installation depicts the notion of anxiety at large. Are you aware of your own actions? We can't step out but we are still trying to remain active upfront by expressing our anxieties, worries or opinions out loud on social platforms. As humans, we hold a cumulative responsibility to be aware of our own actions and not cater to the whims of the pathetic, igniting our own self-interests. We need to be aware of mental health issues and the impact of our actions, given this period of time. So we as a citizen should take the utmost care of our minds, and place our anxieties at the corner of our houses at the door. The front liners are busy dealing with the crisis, the government is focusing on measures to handle the chaos, the responsible ones are being busy doing their duties. The necessary is being done! But, are you aware of your own actions? Let us work and think about our every action towards the larger good.

  • Papa CJ

  • Pragya Jain

    3 Women

    This painting consists of 21 lines that have created the pattern within. it encompasses 3 women to show together we can achieve anything. Today India stands together, because we now know - together we can.

  • Pramiti Madhavji

    My 21 Days

  • Rina Dhaka

    The batman or the bat soup The sick The dying The living The heart which heals The hand which protects The flowers The earth The prayer The puff sleeves...

  • Rucha Deshpande

  • Sanjana Patel


    No matter how dark it is , you will always find a beauty in the darkness if you try to see it in a positive way.

  • Vibha Galhotra

    chance redressal in 21 lines, inspired from method of Dadaist poetry writing.

    Inspired from Tristan Tzara’s method of writing a Dadaist poem. With the lockdown of 21 days and being away from my studio, which posed a material constraint, the period presented an opportunity to experiment with material at home. Glued to the news reading and channel, especially in the first week of the lockdown, the announcement of the further extension of the lockdown brought to mind the news and speeches of world leaders during this chaos. Subsequently, I collected some of the first speeches of world leaders delivered during this lockdown to their fellow citizens asking to maintain social distance and calm to fight the COVID19 crisis. Disconnecting the words of each speech and then threading them back together into a new poem of chance, to find a new meaning way to address these surreal times.

  • Ankon Mitra

    The tiniest of folds change a system altogether. A series of concentric circular rings fold about small predetermined half cuts. Each 'orbital module' has 12 folds. Visually that is the reverse of 21 (which is the number of orbital modules). The pyramid suggests an ascent or growth. What are the 21 Laws of Leadership as per Paul Sohn?

  • Deshna Kasliwal


    STIRred, not Shaken.
    The CoV-Tales you don't want to have.
    7 drinks, 14 words, make 1 sick person.

  • Devshree Sahai

    21 Days

  • Farhan Sarfaraz Khurshaidi


    Retrospect not for helpless regression but for changing ways in future , free the mind and breathe let nature recall you again

  • Harshita Raj


    As a lyric to the endless seeming turmoil humanity is suffering from, this jigsaw puzzle indicates bits of responsibility we all hold.Solidarity represented by nations is already knitting the world together; and individually, this reality check will help contemplate our priorities and we shall emerge wiser and environmentally more responsible.

  • Meher Bhutani

    Naturally Iconic Muse

    Naturally iconic Muse - a person/spirit/thing that gives an artist ideas or the desire to create things!

  • Monika Mehdok


    The abstract art I have made by 21 brush strokes hold a very common message, "Perspective". Perspective of different sides. The '9' from mine is '6' from yours same as one bite of an apple I have eaten I am seeing, but might not the person who stand in front of me. Neither he lies nor I am but lack of complete overview clashes thoughts. In real life too we should not judge or decide anything without perspective. That's why a judge listen to both side. Everything is balanced in this universe and everything should be.

  • Mugdh Maheshwari

    Unmasked love

    As the Coronavirus scare keeps us home, I wish to question child abuse that has seen a stark rise in the four walls of a house recently and have done so in 21 strokes for the #STIRcreativity challenge. The art denotes a mother and her child with a question mark that seems to fade away. The question is when will child abuse stop? I hope to express my views through this platform.

  • Muzakkir Bijli

    Maintain social distance, gradually reduce numbers, flatten the curve, to win war against corona and come together in the end victorious.

  • Nandini Misra

    Reach out To those who look different, speak different, live different For when we work together The world becomes better

  • Navkirat Sodhi

    Let's be augurs again Measure life In flights In wings Welcome the new world With a brand new thought Not things

  • Navkirat Sodhi

    21 and Beyond

  • Nishant Gupta

    The World in 21 Pictures

    With every passing moment & every blink of our eyes, the world is witnessing the worst situations. With this video, I would like to show people what has happened & urge them to wake up. Let's win this war against society, together with doing whatever we can. Stay clean, stay at home, stay safe.

  • Nitasha Jaini

    Digital expression of observations of the patriarch. Control violence anger oppression are framed symbolizing the ornate history of male dominance.

  • Nittisha Mahapatra


  • NSA Architects

    21 Hands

  • Param Popsi


    She could have easily been preparing for her wedding , but she chose to hear the call for duty . She decided to fight on the front line and help the patients to combat COVID 19 . Sending love , respect and more importantly keeping them and their family in our prayers to be safe .

  • Parth Palsay

    21 Storeys

  • Rajendra Munje

    R.I.P COVID-19

    R.I.P. COVID-19 grave stone is created using 21 lines on white paper with acrylic colourless phosphorescent gel which glows only in total dark. So hold COVID-19 artwork in your hands about one feet away to make an invisible virus visible in pitch dark to see Coronavirus Rest In Peace!

  • Ritam Talukdar

  • Ritu Kamath

    21 strokes to a deep breath

  • Rupak Munje

    Corona Free Animal?

    Habit of eating wild animals caused COVID-19 which has taken endless lives world over. Stop eating wild animals now. Go Vegan.

  • Satyadeep Singh

    The Ladder

  • Sayali Sawant

    Quarantine Mood

  • Sehaj Bagga

    Let's Show Some Gratitude

  • Shahid Datawala

    Through the Lens

  • Shalina Vichitra


    Life can be viewed as a loop between human activity and material surroundings and space is configured not as a container, but is continually produced through activity....spaces that cannot be verifiably surveyed,mapped or measured. Lived spaces communicate our sensorial experience of remembering or imagining a place, as opposed to being within or outside of it. Informed by the multifarious relationships that individuals and collectives have with shelters and environment, I question the personal understanding of a place as a filtered sequence of encounters that encompasses its own set of narratives, aesthetic textures and subliminal thoughts. ‘Shelters’ offers itself as a visual metaphor of lived experiences and a tactile archive to address the complex subject of ‘belonging’. It explores the physiological makeup of a shelter and our sense of space within it.... an abstract rendering of a concrete reality.

  • Shalu Juneja

    LET THE EARTH and the water, the air and the fruits of my country be sweet, my God. Let the homes and marts, the forests and fields of my country be full, my God Let the promises and hopes, the deeds and words of my country be true, my God. Let the lives and hearts of the sons and daughters of my country be one, my God.

  • Shantanu Garg

  • Shilpa Jain Balvally

    21 Days : 21 Emotions: 21 memories

    Rediscovering togetherness, bonding, and bliss. The smallest detail invokes an emotion and inspires a new discovery. There are spaces to fill and find yourself all over again and emotions to cherish.

  • Sukraat Tewari


  • Tamanna Verma

    Post-Apocalyptic Cyberpunk

  • Tanisha

    Title is 21 PAGES - WORDS

  • Valerie Barkowski

    Udon Wilson

  • Vanshika Agrawal

    Inception of Life

    Nature keeps thriving just like that women nurture some mysterious, creative and revitalizing energy in them that when cultivated has the power to create, transform and ultimately transcend. It gives birth to a new life, a newborn signifying new beginnings, purity. Babies are vulnerable, true to their nature, unaware of the race of life. As the saying "life goes on" so keep walking with grace and gratitude through the shades of life. Enjoy your life for what it is - a beautiful gift.

  • Ananya Jain

    Twenty one impressions

    the whole is only a sum of its parts.

    re-claiming the body,

    a tangible deconstruction

    leaving traces of myself behind.

  • Design Inc

    Was it when...

    A time given to us to heal, come together, a time to pause.

  • Savya Jain

    You caged it, it caged you

    Dear COVID, Thanks for telling them, that they are here on borrowed time. Yours Truly

  • Savya Jain

    We caged us

    Dear COVID, It’s not you, it’s us. We started this, we abused ourselves, our bodies and our minds. . =(21 Forms) + =(21 words)

  • Studio Indigene

    The 21-day Project

    We decided to take up a task at the start of the lockdown, to design a new product everyday and visualise it for you - the result was 21 designs for 21 days! While we stuck to our approach of minimal designs, we also combined a new material with wood. We tried to highlight a functional element of each design, that became the aesthetic of the product in itself - a product that would serve a function but was a piece of art too.

  • Studio PKA

    A 20/20 Pause

    We are driven by life’s rhythm. Pulsing and flowing. What happens when someone hits ‘Pause’? What do we hear then?⁣

  • Subtle Chaos

    21 brush-strokes of emotion

  • Supraja Rao

    Trip to Earth

    " Trip to Earth " is the title for this Graphic representation of our visit ,the mountains, the ocean , skies are here to stay. we need to travel light & make sure we have caused least disruption on earth. Would we like it, if a visitor to our house damages it ? Then why are we doing so, when we all know that we are merely visiting.

  • Swati Jain

    Locking the body to Unlock the mind.

    While #lockdown can be thought of as an unacceptable restriction, it has actually opened our minds to new realities and possibilities, unlocking the power of a free thinking and creative mind, individually as well as collectively. 21 strips of tissue paper slowing unlocking the mind in 21 days over the background of Covid news.

  • Tavisan

    There are a million ways to look at and perceive things. We should learn to consider nature as the ultimate parameter.

  • Tushar Chaudhary

  • Varsha

  • Venna Sri Hari Kanth

    The un-voiced always go unnoticed. In this pandemic paranoia mankind is too employed in mending its injured soul rather than cater to the starved.

  • Vrushali Athavale

    21 Days, 21 Icons of 21 Things anyone can do just by staying home, which will help us for healthy, happy 2021.. Enjoy every moment of life. Because art, artist and creativity are here for you always.

  • Yogesh Bhuwad

    Combination of care and human expressions 21 days, 21 people's, 21 Expressions, 21 masks, 21 illustrations, 21Positive vibes in Quarantine Period anyone can do just by staying home , which will help us for healthy , happy 2021.. Enjoy every movement of life. Because Art , Artist and Creativity are here for you always. Stay safe. Take Precautions

  • Zubi Design Matrix

    The contemplative mechanic (roughly 21 parts)

    2 locked in 1 Distancing theory Awaiting the light

  • Anjali Katuruka

    Pudhil Station : 2021 | Nature takes over | Bombay's Lifeline | 21 Frames

    "It is we who need them, not them who need us.

    Today, our world has been brought to a stand still, to give nature a chance to breathe, to heal, to grow out of the wounds given by the mankind.

    As we mindlessly take and take from mother nature, it is their turn to take from us. My artwork depicts Nature taking over the heart and soul, the lifeline of my city Mumbai. And all this while, all we wish for, is to catch the fast local to the year 2021."

  • Gulnawaz Aalam

    "Shine like the Sun.

    Fly like the birds.

    Reach like a wave.

    Stand like an anchor.

    Love the world in you."

  • Prerna Shinde

    21 Objects

  • Priyam Doshi

    USE LESS – made using 21 items that we over use in our daily lives.

    "During this lockdown spending more time with my own self I have realized that as we start making more money, we tend to over use a lot of things in our daily lives and also end up wasting a lot of it, because we actually don’t care and we can afford it. There a strong need to not waste electricity, food, water and paper and not to buy access of our daily needs.

    I have also realized that the amount of packaged food and sugar that we consume has gone up significantly in the last decade, there is a need to cut down on sugar and packaged foods. And yes, how can we forget our dear friend the smart phone, its actually making us unsmart with excess usage.

    Don’t be useless, USE LESS!

    electricity, water, paper, mobile phones, cosmetics, clothes, accessories, packaged food and sugar."

  • Sudeep Sen

    Love in the time of Corona

  • Diksha Pathak

    Love in the time of Corona

  • Clay Architecture and Design

    Love in the time of Corona

  • Rohan Bhatia

    I have made a 21 second small animated loop in 21 hours. It is an example of Experimental Animation and I used the color blue to emphasize certain cultural aspects of humans in the society and how they have used blue to transform and make meaning of things.

  • Sharad Chaurasia

    In this amazing era of virtual reality and battle royale games. We just created the ancient one (tetris) in ancient way.

  • Adeeba

    End Domino Effect

    Save each other, break the chain , social distancing.

  • Adish Patni

    Space Air Water Sound

  • Sasha Nankey

  • Anand Menon

    21 forms 21 colours 01 emotion

  • Angelinaary

  • Avishka Bharti

  • Harshita Nandwani

  • Jayneesh

    An acrylic art made using 21 closed shapes filled with 21 colours representing 2 figures of humanity uniting to look like 1 during this difficult time of 21-day lockdown.

  • Jayneesh

    Fluid acrylic pour painting process using 21 colours

  • Kriti

    21 days.21 patterns.21 moods

  • Paushika Gupta


    As the world is closed to us, let us explore the universe within ourselves and realize that we are all one.

  • Sahibba K Anand

    21 Shades of Love

  • Shaloni Roy

    My 21 words

  • Witching Hour Poems

  • Avinash Adroja


    21 human figures(20+1). 20 humans from different part of the World and comes closer makes one family (VASUDHAIVA KUTUMBAKAM). Means WHOLE WORLD IS ONE FAMILY

  • Priyadarshini Indalkar

  • Astha Mittal

    Who is behind that face of yours?

    "Who are you

    when you are alone

    by yourself

    amidst the thoughts of mind

    beating of heart


    gasping for truth."

  • Kanika Bawa

    The Gold Collaborative

    "21* Waste , Handcrafted Streamers Representative of the interlooped,intertwined Humanity with a shimmer of Gold hope. Intensive, Textural yet Playful textile installation"

  • Kanika Bawa

    Pink Balloons

    "21 Objects of found objects( bamboo,balloons,l shelf, rope,torn paper,man sculpture,Pompom lace ,pink flowers,buttons steel,spring loaded hinges,mirror stud)

  • Sameer Sultan

    The hands have been made by using continuous curves.If you see the hand on the left side,the curve starting to draft it starts and continuous throughout the fingers's outer edges.That same curve is continued to form the outer edge of the black hand on the right.then smaller curves are used to make the nails and fingers on the hands.These curves are 21 in total.

  • Manas & Nayan

  • Puneet Kaushik

  • Hari

    21 strokes painting

  • Athira Nair

    Social Distancing

    "These are certainly unprecedented times. We want to be social, and yet the best, safest thing we can do is to stay home and keep our distance from friends, family, and fellow humans.. .

    Distance means so little, when life means so much.... “My mask protects you, your mask protects me”..."

  • JJ Valaya

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