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Technology and Design Lab

London Design Festival 2022


open-ended design, in partnership with the London Design Festival and The House of KOKO, will host Technology & Design Lab on Tuesday 20th September.
It is the first iteration of a forward-looking cultural experience curated by Suhair Khan.

Through a series of conversations and performances, ticket holders will get a front-row seat to the dreams, challenges, and projects at the forefront for London’s futurists. Speakers include innovators from tech and the creative industries, with a critical lens of cross-disciplinary collaboration, speculative creative outcomes and hybrid realities.

With Technology & Design Lab, the mission is to connect visionary creatives and technologists, to catalyse, seed and build around new ideas. There is a need for spaces to foster a shared language between technology and design, two often siloed disciplines. open-ended design asks the question:
“In an age of disruption & innovation: where do we go next?”

Suhair Khan, Founder of open-ended design: "I’ve spent my career working with the world’s leading designers and technologists; driving to see and create what’s beyond possible. The future of creativity will lie in bringing these two disciplines together to create new spaces around the ideas and questions that matter. We are proud to be part of the London Design Festival’s official programme and to have collaborated with Ben Evans and his team; and to celebrate London as the world’s cultural hub of creativity and entrepreneurship. At KOKO, we will be bringing an incredible group of cultural leaders together in a shared space which we hope will spark new conversations and encourage impactful change.”

Olly Bengough, Founder and Creative Director of KOKO: “We are excited to be hosting the inaugural edition of Technology & Design Lab with open-ended design and Suhair Khan, a world leading tech and design innovator. KOKO sits at the heart of design, culture, music, and the digital future of creativity. This is a great opportunity for us to bring together the best of the global creative industries and to foster new conversations, performances and ideas.”

This series of performances and conversations tackles serious questions about the role of technology in how we live, connect, and create. There is an emphasis on real critical thinking in design and the future of creativity.


Es Devlin will be in conversation with Suhair Khan about how to thoughtfully engage and leverage technology to push the boundaries of imagination across art, culture, design.

Freya Murray, head of Google Arts & Culture Lab and performance artist Sougwen Chung will talk about bringing technologies such as machine learning and robotics to artistic practice.

Designers Tom Dixon and Dara Huang will connect with Diana Alcausin from WeTransfer and Karen Kang from TikTok to consider the role of creatives across digital platforms.

Arthur Mamou-Mani, head of the architecture studio Mamou-Mani and Shajay Bhooshan, who heads computational design at Zaha Hadid Architects, will speak with Dazed Media founder Jefferson Hack about designing, building and placemaking in virtual worlds and the metaverse.

The event is generously supported by House of KOKO, WeTransfer, Gaia Foundation and


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Es Devlin, Tom Dixon OBE, Arthur Mamou-Mani, Diana Alcausin, Emily Benn, Shajay Bhooshan, Sougwen Chung, Jefferson Hack, Dara Huang, Amon Kale, Karen Kang, Freya Murray, Ed O'Brien, Dayo Olopade, Mariasole Pastori, Whitney Richardson, Greg Robson, Maxim Zhestkov
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