Art collective Meow Wolf reveals its large-scale exhibition plans for Washington D.C.

After Santa Fe, Denver and Las Vegas, Meow Wolf will now open at the Fort Totten development in Washington D.C. in 2022, in partnership with the Cafritz Foundation.

by Sukanya Garg Published on : Oct 22, 2019

During the first meeting of the Meow Wolf collective held in 2008, all the team members put two words into a hat. Finally, two words were picked from the total. The words that came up were Meow Wolf. So began the story of the art collective that has been taking audiences across the United States on magical journeys immersed in visual story-telling.

02 min watch Meow Wolf, House of Eternal Return, B ROLL GLORY SHOTS, 3.15.18 | Meow Wolf | STIRworld
Meow Wolf, House of Eternal Return, B ROLL GLORY SHOTS, 3.15.18 (the video has no sound)Video Credit: Courtesy of

Located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Meow Wolf creates immersive and interactive experiences that transport audiences of all ages into fantastic realms of storytelling and exploration. This includes art installations, video and music production, and extended reality content. Their first permanent installation was the House of Eternal Return, which was launched with the support of George R. R. Martin, creator of Game of Thrones, in March 2016.

The immersive exhibit included a multi-dimensional mystery house with secret passages to magical worlds, wherein an expansive narrative guided visitors towards surreal art exhibits located within the installation.

  • Meow Wolf creates immersive experience for visitors of all ages through their exhibits | Meow Wolf | STIRworld
    Meow Wolf creates immersive experience for visitors of all ages through their exhibits Image Credit: Lindsey Kennedy; courtesy of
  • Meow Wolf creates and supports art across various forms of media | Meow Wolf | STIRworld
    Meow Wolf creates and supports art across various forms of media Image Credit: Lindsey Kennedy; courtesy of

While Meow Wolf first opened in Santa Fe, they soon expanded. In 2019, they opened up a permanent installation, The Kaleidoscope, in Denver as well as another one in Las Vegas. Given its huge success, Meow Wolf is now set to open its next permanent installation in Washington D.C. in 2022.

The project is the result of a partnership with the Cafritz Foundation, and will be a three-level, 75,000-square-foot structure located in the Fort Totten community. The exhibition will feature a new immersive narrative with uniquely interactive art experiences. Meow Wolf is yet to reveal more details about plans for D.C.

A view of an exhibition by Meow Wolf | Meow Wolf | STIRworld
A view of an exhibition by Meow WolfImage Credit: Lindsey Kennedy; courtesy of

Presently, Meow Wolf is in the proves of realising its projects in Denver and Las Vegas. The Meow Wolf Denver will provide a totally new experience to people of all ages, when it opens in 2021. The Meow Wolf Vegas is expected to open in early 2020.

02 min watch The Meow Wolf experience | Meow Wolf | STIRworld
The Meow Wolf experience Video Credit: Courtesy of

According to CEO Vince Kadlubek, “Washington D.C. is an international cultural powerhouse and an ideal setting for the evolving Meow Wolf story universe that began with House of Eternal Return. Our intergalactic, transmedia story is rooted in a community of underdogs who overcome ‘The Powers That Be,’ and we will have something really special for all the fellow underdogs who seek a transformative experience when we unveil the D.C. chapter.” He also added, “As with all our immersive experience projects, the exhibition in D.C. will be family-friendly and accessible to local residents as well as the many tourists and VIPs who visit our nation’s capital from around the world. Audiences should expect dazzling, inspired and wild experiences totally unlike anything they have ever known before.”

The project in DC, then, will have a strong focus on positive community impact and towards creating an experience that not only offers a place of entertainment, but a place for cultural learning, sharing and upliftment.


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