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'Crafting Magnificence': cutting-edge techart from Bulgari by Giuseppe Lo Schiavo

The award-winning Italian artist and designer discusses a bold tech-enabled offering from the luxury giant Bulgari.

by Manu SharmaPublished on : Aug 27, 2023

The Italian artist and designer Giuseppe Lo Schiavo recently collaborated with Bulgari on the Crafting Magnificence project, which saw Lo Schiavo and Co. use artificial intelligence to create three NFT artworks with the highest resolution ever, after experiencing three new jewellery pieces from the luxury giant. The project translated to an interactive art exhibit that integrated digital art with wearable technology. Lo Schiavo looks back on the project, telling STIR, “The production process for Crafting Magnificence was a fascinating and demanding journey. Working closely with Bulgari's design team, we drew inspiration from their new creations, to design digital artworks that would serve as windows into unique and enchanting worlds. My role in this project was to lead the artistic direction, and oversee the creation of each unique digital artwork.”

Mediterranea presentation video, 2023 Video: Courtesy of Giuseppe Lo Schiavo

Lo Schiavo has had a diverse and explorative creative journey, which has seen him experiment with mediums ranging from photography and video installation to AI, machine learning and even bacteria. For some time now, he has had a particular fascination with cutting-edge digital technology and how it may be used to push the boundaries of art and design. Lo Schiavo regards his recent collaboration with Bulgari as having been a “serendipitous meeting of the minds.” The renowned Italian brand wished to venture into the realm of digital art, in order to creatively showcase Mediterranea, a high-jewellery collection that features one-of-a-kind pieces. This sparked Crafting Magnificence, under the creative direction of Lucia Silvestri, who Lo Schiavo worked closely with on the project.

The Birthplace of ‘Serpenti’, 2023| Crafting Magnificence | STIRworld
The birthplace of Serpenti, 2023 Image: Courtesy of Giuseppe Lo Schiavo

Crafting Magnificence was showcased at VivaTech 2023 in Paris, at the Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH) Pavilion, remaining on display until 17 June. Visitors to the pavilion could wear a neural scanner on their heads and thereby have their brainwaves analysed in order to create unique artworks of their own, inspired by the jewellery design of the Mediterranea collection and bound for the blockchain.

‘Eternal Muse’, 2023| Crafting Magnificence | STIRworld
Eternal Muse, 2023 Image: Courtesy of Giuseppe Lo Schiavo

The Italian visual artist explores the role wearable technology played in the project, calling it “significant." He says, “The incorporation of wearable technology, in this case, a neuro device, elevated the interactive aspect of the exhibit, enabling visitors to engage with the digital artworks on a deeper level. It allowed us to craft an experience that resonated with each person's emotions, forging a connection between the audience and the art in a way that had not been explored before.”

‘Southern Gateway’, 2023| Crafting Magnificence | STIRworld
Southern Gateway, 2023 Image: Courtesy of Giuseppe Lo Schiavo

Adding a personal touch has long been a hallmark of luxury design brands such as Bulgari, and the brand in question seems to understand that this practice should extend beyond product customisation, and indeed, should come to cover the entire ambit of experience. Bulgari’s efforts to utilise cutting-edge techart must be taken note of, as an excellent example of the ways in which it can be realistically deployed beyond the realm of niche experimental art.

An artwork created from Lo Schiavo and Silvestri’s brainwaves, 2023| Crafting Magnificence | STIRworld
An artwork created from Lo Schiavo and Silvestri’s brainwaves, 2023 Image: Courtesy of Giuseppe Lo Schiavo

Lo Schiavo tells STIR, “The potential of cutting-edge technologies, such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), is immense in shaping the future of art and design. These technologies provide artists with new dimensions to express their creativity and engage with audiences in unprecedented ways. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality allow artists to create an immersive experience, blurring the lines between the physical and digital world." As tech continues to advance, he expects to see greater moves made towards seamlessness in its integration into physical spaces.

Portrait photograph of Giuseppe Lo Schiavo, 2023| Crafting Magnificence | STIRworld
Portrait photograph of Giuseppe Lo Schiavo, 2023 Image: Courtesy of Giuseppe Lo Schiavo

Discussing his plans for the near future, Lo Schiavo explains that he is committed to continuing his explorations at the intersection of art and technology, and will keep seeking greater levels of immersion and interactivity within his visual art. In his words, “I want to push the boundaries of what's possible, using emerging technologies to create transformative encounters between art and audiences. By combining art, technology, and meaningful storytelling, I hope to inspire and leave a lasting impact as an artist of this digital and transformative decade.” The Italian designer and artist is excited at the prospects that digitality brings to his practice and hopes his work will continue to evolve with the ceaseless march of technology. Lo Schiavo ends his interview with STIR, with these words: "My next exhibition will be during the prestigious Unseen Art Fair in Amsterdam; a solo show starting from September 20. This exhibition will be a unique opportunity to showcase my latest digital and physical artworks.” It will be interesting to see where his work goes next, and what he might offer audiences in Amsterdam, later this year.

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