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ARK's inaugural vehicle 'ARK Zero' sets a new standard for automobile design

The UK-based startup aims to revolutionise urban mobility with its groundbreaking design for the new electric micro car.

by STIRworldPublished on : Jul 24, 2023

As UK's first all-electric car company, ARK makes sustainable transportation accessible to all. This startup was a response to the dire conditions of transit in big cities like London. Bigger vehicles not only clog up the streets but also consume fuel at alarming rates and pollute the air with dangerous byproducts. They realise that the heightened travel times and stress levels lead to a general dip in productivity. Moreover, the cars currently occupying the streets usually transport only one person per journey, which means the net amount of space wasted is significant. With increasing government incentives, affordability, and most importantly the sustainability offered, the electric vehicle market in the UK is growing rapidly. Consequently, with the vision to revolutionise urban mobility, ARK announced its first product on June 15, 2023. "At ARK, we are committed to creating the future of urban mobility that is smarter, smoother, and greener,” says Yilmaz Bora, Founder and CEO of ARK in an official release. “By eliminating fossil fuel reliance and embracing electric vehicles like the ARK Zero, we can foster positive change in our communities and protect our planet for future generations," he adds.

  • Front View of ARK Zero |ARK | STIRworld
    Front view of ARK Zero Image: Courtesy of ARK
  • Elevation of ARK Zero |ARK | STIRworld
    Elevation of ARK Zero Image: Courtesy of ARK
  • ARK Zero as would be visible to drivers behind the car |ARK | STIRworld
    ARK Zero as would be visible to drivers behind the car Image: Courtesy of ARK
  • Backside View of ARK Zero |ARK | STIRworld
    Backside view of ARK Zero Image: Courtesy of ARK

The ARK Zero has a unique and modern design that is both stylish and functional. The car's exterior is characterised by its smooth, rounded curves and its minimalist design. The interiors follow a similar clean and simple language, with a focus on comfort and functionality. The top of the car sports a sunroof that allows the passengers to be in touch with the outdoors. The start system of the car is keyless and also provides an option to use a remote key for the user's convenience. Furthermore, parking this car is incredibly simple owing to its reverse camera and unbelievably compact size, which makes it possible to park it vertically, occupying only a quarter of the traditional parking space. ARK Zero uses an easy-to-charge lithium-Ion battery with a 50.3Miles WMTC range, which requires the same sockets as our daily appliances like toasters and can be fully charged overnight. The car also holds MacPherson Strut Suspension for stability, noise-reduction, and smoothness. The ARK Zero is packed with such features, encouraging one to switch to this sustainable alternative.

  • Sunroof Detail |ARK | STIRworld
    Sunroof Detail Image: Courtesy of ARK
  • Charging port in use |ARK | STIRworld
    Charging port in use Image: Courtesy of ARK

Their automobile design philosophy puts safety at the forefront. The cars are built with a monocoque design, which integrates the body and chassis into a single unit. This unified structure is made entirely from aluminum, a lightweight yet sturdy metal, known for its excellent strength-to-weight ratio. This enhances the vehicle's strength and rigidity and provides an additional layer of safety. Considering the safety of the drivers and pedestrians along with understanding the average speed of vehicles in the city prompted ARK to allow for a maximum speed of 28mph, well suited for a congested urban setting.

  • Vegan Leather Seat |ARK | STIRworld
    Leather seat Image: Courtesy of ARK
  • Steering Wheel and interior of ARK Zero |ARK | STIRworld
    Steering wheel and interior of ARK Zero Image: Courtesy of ARK

ARK appeals to the citizens with its pocket-friendly price for the car complementing its innovative and sustainable features. With this ambitious project, ARK takes a leap towards the zero-emissions goal of the nation and promises efficiency and convenience. The company aims to introduce its first autonomous driving experience next year, offering comfort, safety, and the luxury of time.

( Text by Aatmi Chitalia, Intern at STIR)

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