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The Loft wins Europe's Leading Airport Lounge 2019 Award

The Loft by Brussels Airlines and Lexus is a unique concept lounge, where the focus lies on a luxurious experience.

by STIRworldPublished on : Jun 28, 2019

The Loft by Brussels Airlines and Lexus was named Europe's Leading Airport Lounge 2019 at the 26th annual World Travel Awards. A unique lounge concept, it is located in Pier A at Brussels Airport and is centred on comfort, technology, design and a blend of ‘Belgitude’ and Japanese hospitality. Having opened its doors on June 25, 2018 as a relaxing new space for international travellers inspired by Lexus luxury, design and Omotenashi hospitality, it has since its inception welcomed more than 450,000 visitors.

“We are extremely proud to receive this prestigious award from travel industry professionals and from our customers. It shows that customer centricity is not just a ‘buzz’ word for us, but that we take it really at the heart in everything we do. The award encourages us to continue investing in our welcoming service approach that is reflected throughout all customer touch points,” says Tanguy Cartuyvels, Head of Customer Experience and Marketing at Brussels Airlines. “The Loft by Brussels Airlines and Lexus is a perfect example of how working together with partners like Lexus, who is driven by the highest quality services, enables us to offer our customers an ideal environment, designed to meet their individual needs.”

Art is an integral part of the Lexus experience, and at The Loft, you will find a showcase of entries for the Lexus Design Award along with the Lexus Parts Wall art installation Image Credit: Brussels Airlines

Covering an area of 2040 square metres, the lounge offers seating for 500 guests. It is divided into areas with different ambiences and features, including a central bar, seating zones and a breakout space that is ideal for those who need to work while on the move. For The Loft, Brussels Airlines has partnered with leading design and technology brands including Lexus, Miele, Grohe, Corian and Dyson. The additional 800 square metres includes an open space designed and hosted by Lexus, showcasing objects from the Lexus Design Awards, letting guests discover the brand’s luxury lifestyle. The space has been created following the traditions of Omotenashi, the Japanese concept of hospitality and one of the core values of Lexus. Omotenashi goes further than just meeting an individual’s needs; it is about anticipating them before they arise. Here you can see a showcase of entries for the Lexus Design Award and the Lexus Parts Wall art installation.

On the recognition, Pascal Ruch, Head of Lexus Europe, says, “We are delighted that the travel industry recognised the unique experience brought by our lounge partnership at Brussels Airport. For Lexus, this partnership is an exciting opportunity to bring our core brand values of design and craftsmanship to a global audience, reaching beyond the automotive world. This is a place where people can enjoy and get to know Lexus’ true spirit of Omotenashi, the Japan-inspired personalised and exceptional guest experience we bring to our guests.”

The Lexus experience is evident across many details in The Loft, from plush leather seats, shiatsu massage chairs, and extra-sensory Grohe showers for a spa-like experience to ‘star-lit’ sleeping pods. Thanks to Corian Design Solid Surface, the ambitious vision for a seamless surface design of The Loft was turned into a reality and completes the entire atmosphere. The new Loft also offers an enclosed VIP area with a living room showcasing a changing art collection of foreign and Belgian art. Next to that, an array of the finest gastronomy in a state-of-the-art Miele kitchen is offered to make travellers feel at home away from home.

AThe Lexus Experience area is decorated according to the Japanese traditions of Omotenashi, the art of hospitality, and you will find here a calming combination of warm woods and soft whites Image Credit: Brussels Airlines

Furthermore, The Loft offers private nap rooms, inspired by the new long haul business class cabin that the airline will launch at the end of this year. They showcase fine art images produced by cultural engineering agency Meta-Morphosis – each artwork having a link to Belgium. A massage area completes the experience; thanks to Panasonic relax chairs, simulating the Shiatsu treatment available in the seating of the new Lexus LS sedan. Another new experience includes the Grohe Spa, consisting of 11 bathrooms, each with their own settings according to personal preference, steam bath, music and light therapy, creating 11 unique moods and spa experiences. A game room featuring an impressive red velvet pool table concludes The Loft’s new experiences, letting Loft guests come together to play a game of pool.

On the western side of the lounge, you can find a true inspiration wall full of historical items from the Tintin universe and touch-screen screens on which you can play games and a cozy place to relax completely Image Credit: Brussels Airlines

On board as well as on the ground, Brussels Airlines wants to be an ambassador for Belgium. Therefore the ‘Belgitude’ is omnipresent in The Loft. This translates into the Art Nouveau design of the lounge, the many historical items from the Tintin universe and also the gastronomy.

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