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In the tapestry of architectural history, one weave remains resolute: that of architecture as a fortification, of buildings as silent sentients that embody power and protection. We build structures symbolising human prowess, to become gods defining what the constraints of spatiality, and the episteme of the built evolve into.


This week's issue studies this endurance through examples from the legacy of Brutalism to modern architecture, where architectural authors script the narratives of tomorrow, as guardians over landscapes, cities, and its people.

We turn our attention to the Serpentine Pavilion by Lina Ghotmeh, evading the built for a gathering around a table; Wang Chong’s Taihang Xinyu Art Museum stands as a fortress of old stipulations and new perspectives; India Pavilion at London Design Biennale 2023 blends practice and pedagogy; Nigel Green and Robin Wilson traverse 'Brutalist Paris,' rereading a city through a movement coping with a war-wounded society—redefining fortification as a concept in pursuit of progress.

Amit Gupta

Lina Ghotmeh on her aspirations for the Serpentine Pavilion

Taihang Xinyu Art Museum by Wang Chong discards the white cube aesthetic

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'Brutalist Paris': uncovering an unknown city from within the known

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India Pavilion at London Design Biennale 2023: a crossover of practice and pedagogy

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STIRfri Exclusive

Lies and Falsehoods

Jerusalem Design Week 2023

Featuring exhibitions, installations & projects, the event welcomes the participation of designers from Israel and other nations.

22-29 June, 2023
Jerusalem Design Week 2023


22-29 June, 2023


Hansen House, Jerusalem


The theme seeks to examine design’s manipulative tools and the realities they shape. The event will present works that capture the meaning of illusion, works that conceal, deceive, or give rise to an alternative reality, in the face of lies and falsehoods.

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Pentagram and Ambessa Play design a Flashlight for displaced children

Pentagram and Ambessa Play design a Flashlight for displaced children

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‘Kinship’: a dialogue between designers, architects, and curators

‘Kinship’: a dialogue between designers, architects, and curators

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Land, Law, Labour

Conversations on Architecture and Land in and out of the Americas.


Aastha D.

Land, Law, Labour

The talk by Buell Center at Columbia GSAPP features new approaches to the history of the intertwining of law, visual culture, and land.

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