Picturing a street in Taipei – a drawing tutorial by Dan Hogman

Architect and artist Dan Hogman draws a vignette of a busy streetscape of Taipei metropolis, with the tutorial titled How to write Chinese in 3 minutes.

by Dan Hogman Published on : Aug 27, 2019

A curious illustrator, Dan Hogman brings alive the protagonist of every scene with his work, be it of an iconic building or a commonplace sight. He regularly documents cities through the medium of sketching and through his outstanding understanding for details and an impeccable eye for precision, he visualise places that we know and yet not know.

In this video from his Taipei travel series, Hogman illustrates one of those busy streets of the city where life always seems in transition. Interestingly, he titles the video How to write Chinese in 3 minutes.  Well, we guess it could be those local adverts and infographics in Chinese, over the billboards and building facades across the street, that Hogman has effortlessly (or rather quickly) scribbled in his sketch. The result, with much disguise, is sketched to the T.

Watch this space every Wednesday for more tutorials by Dan Hogman.


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Dan Hogman

Dan Hogman

Hogman boasts of a diverse portfolio of projects - high rise commercial, residential, mixed-use, housing, institutional and master planning, employing creative solutions that are efficient, contextually appropriate and aesthetically uncompromising. An avid architectural sketcher with a sharp eye and trained hand, he focuses on capturing the essence of his design concepts in quick hand sketches or elaborate BIM models.


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