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Sketching the Lungshan Temple, Taipei – a drawing tutorial by Dan Hogman

Artist and architect Dan Hogman takes us to the 300-year-old city of Taipei, sketching the Buddhist Lungshan Temple’s sweeping swallowtail eaves, and the crowd of worshippers.

by Dan HogmanPublished on : Oct 16, 2019

The city of Taipei - home to several striking architectural and cultural landmarks - takes pride in celebrating its history. It is in this 300-year-old capital city of Taiwan that one explores the Lungshan Temple, a famous Buddhist site dedicated to the bodhisattva of mercy, Guanyin.

This temple was rebuilt several times as it suffered destruction by earthquakes, typhoons and bombing in the World War II. However, the present structure is impressive in its details with sweeping swallowtail eaves, bright and beautiful mosaic-like decoration, figures on the roof and elaborate stone and wood-carvings.

With it being a popular tourist attraction, our visually curious columnist Dan Hogman also makes a stop by the Lungshan Temple. He sketches this place of worship, whose architecture is a three-section design in shape. With utmost details, he spreads the layout which is square and serene, and also puts on paper the crowd of worshippers taking shed under the umbrellas.

Watch this space every Wednesday for more tutorials by Dan Hogman.

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