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Sketching the Peak Tower, Hong Kong - a drawing tutorial by Dan Hogman

Artist and architect Dan Hogman sketches Hong Kong’s popular destination, the Peak Tower, which is prominent on the city’s skyline due to its distinct form.

by Dan HogmanPublished on : Dec 11, 2019

For Dan Hogman, a sketchbook and drawing utensil make the perfect travel companion. Doesn’t matter where he is travelling to, he likes to pause, take a look at the nearby building or street and recreate it on paper.

This week, Hogman takes us to Hong Kong, where he focuses on the Peak Tower. A popular destination, the Peak Tower hosts a variety of restaurants, shops and entertainment venues and its design is prominent on the skyline. The current tower, completed in 1997, was designed by British architect Terry Farrell. Later, it went under renovation in 2006.

The structure also provides a 360-degree panoramic view of the vibrant city with a viewing platform called Sky Terrace 428, for it stands tall at 428 metres above the sea level.

Drawing inspiration from this architectural icon during his trip to Hong Kong, Hogman sketches the exterior of the wok shaped tower that has a total of seven floors, and is located at Victoria Gap, near the summit of Victoria Peak. 

The design incorporates three distinct elements - the solid podium refers to the past; the 13-metre open space between the podium and the bowl represents present, and the bowl structure symbolises the future.

Hogman sketches the clean, contemporary lines of the structure that is clad in anodised aluminium panel and large expanses of glass, and was designed in a manner that it would not interrupt the natural line of the hills.

However, Hogman believes, “the context is not ideal for such a massive structure. It’s really a multi-story mall on top of a hill, instead of a more meditative, contemplative pavilion-type of structure.” What do you think?

Watch this space every Wednesday for more tutorials by Dan Hogman.

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