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In Residence: Yui and Takaharu Tezuka

Meet the Tokyo-based designers with a novel approach to shared living.

by NOWNESSPublished on : Nov 07, 2019

Husband-and-wife design duo Yui and Takaharu Tezuka, the founders of Tokyo-based firm Tezuka Architects, are known for their innovative efforts at tackling site-specific limitations. Their extensive portfolio includes the oval Fuji Kindergarten aimed at fostering a dynamic child-friendly environment, the climbing frame-like Roof House in Hadano and the mountaintop Museum of Natural Science in remote Niigata - winning them awards including the Japan Institute of Architects Prize and Association for Children's Environment Design Award. 

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In Residence: Yui and Takaharu Tezuka Video Credit: Courtesy of Nowness

With one project, though, they faced a limitation a little closer to home. Their own Tokyo home is designed to house everything within a single space, encouraging time spent together - with private spaces limited to open up the modest area. Here, the Tezukas invite Japanese director Yutaka Obara into their airy sun-drenched home to talk time, space and the importance of time spent together.

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