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Spread the Light : Light and Sustainability

6/6 Kevan Shaw x Amardeep Dugar x Linus Lopez
Presented by Wipro Lighting, in this STIR initiative with PLDC, Kevan Shaw and Amardeep Dugar, researcher and lighting designer, discuss the trends in lighting design industry.

by Linus LopezPublished on : Dec 23, 2019

When looking at the future one of the biggest challenges we face is the amount we consume per capita to live. Although artificial lighting takes up a fraction of the energy being consumed, it is still significant to balance it with creating sustainable, liveable environments. But the sustainability argument can no longer be limited to just measuring and reducing the energy consumed in providing artificial light but needs to also look at the energy consumed in processing the materials and making the various components of the complete luminaire and then what to do with these materials at the end of their functional lives. This conversation also extended to include the sustainability of the profession of lighting design!

08 min watch Light and Sustainability – Kevan Shaw and Amardeep Dugar | Kevan Shaw | Amardeep Dugar| PLDC 2019 | Spread the Light| STIRworld
Light and Sustainability – Kevan Shaw and Amardeep Dugar Video Credit: Linus Lopez, Courtesy of STIR

Kevan Shaw, Design Director of KSLD-EFLA Lighting Design and Director of Sustainability in the erstwhile PLDA, has always been at the forefront of developing technologies. These responsibilities, coupled with his background of study in Economic and Technological History and years in event lighting, have contributed to a wealth of experience in seeing and understanding trends in the lighting industry and forecasting the likely success or failure of a particular breakthrough.

In an insightful and deep discussion with Dr. Amardeep Dugar, a distinguished researcher and lighting designer himself, they traverse the trends in today’s lighting design industry examining the actual extent to which sustainability has developed as a platform for the future. Dugar’s research into finding solutions to modern day challenges has led him to publish a number of papers and he brings this learning to the conversation.  Their combined experiences in practising in different parts of the world also yields insights into what it would take to make the profession more sustainable in the years ahead.

Watch out for more from the series Spread the Light 6/6 presented by Wipro Lighting, in collaboration with PLDC.

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