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X+Living presents a garden concept for an indoor family park in Shenzhen

Turning the hazy bubble of dream into reality, the Meland Club's interiors by the Chinese studio present a world abstracted by strange forms, quirky illustrations and bold colours.

by Zohra KhanPublished on : Nov 06, 2020

Chinese studio X+Living, best known for its optical illusion-driven, otherworldly bookstore interiors, has conceptualised yet another dreamlike space for people young and old.

Called the Meland Club, the project is a family park located on the second and third floor of a shopping mall in Shenzhen.

The interiors present a carnival of geometric figures in bold colours, funky illustrations and surprising proportions. As per X+Living, the design imbibes the spirit of a garden and the layout follows the concept of the four seasons.

The entrance of Meland Club in Shenzhen | X+LIVING in Shenzhen | STIRworld
The entrance of Meland Club in Shenzhen Image: Shao Feng

To pique people’s curiosity even before they get inside the club, the entrance wall has been demolished to give space to a display window and the reception.

Designer Li Xiang, who runs the Shanghai-based studio, has achieved the character of a large-scale structure within the 6000sqm double height interiors of the club by creating a three-layer platform and artificial elements that magnify the spatial scale. Calculated panoramic modeling has helped create an experience where customers cannot only enjoy different viewing angles from a macro scale but can also sense the micro shock brought by the unpredictable details.

A glimpse of the atrium | X+LIVING | Shenzhen | STIRworld
A glimpse of the atrium Image: Shao Feng

An artificial atrium throbbing in the spirit of spring has winding stairs that guide visitors to the various spaces within the club. The theme of the atrium comes alive as forms shaped as flowers, plant stems, butterflies, bees, and ladybirds, fuse together in a deconstructive style and reveal a strange landscape of mystery and wild imagination.

A riot of geometric forms and colours make up the playscape | X+LIVING | Shenzhen | STIRworld
A riot of geometric forms and colours make up the playscape Image: Shao Feng

“Stepping down any of the two paths along the atrium, your vision is widened, and the space is stacked layer by layer… The scene changes at all times, but you can't see all of it nor to even predict it,” say the designers at X+Living.

Flower-shaped seating  | X+LIVING | Shenzhen | STIRworld
Flower-shaped seating Image: Shao Feng

Every element within the club has functional significance: the plant-looking forms camouflage cabinets and shelves, leisure seating is in the shape of flowers, and large installations hanging down from the ceiling hide lighting fixtures.

Circus carnival theme in the ball pool area | X+LIVING | Shenzhen | STIRworld
Circus carnival theme in the ball pool area Image: Shao Feng

A circus carnival theme runs in the ball pool area where the idea of play is translated into a three-dimensional experience. Here, a maze-like setting guided by routes through door holes and climbing stairs take children on a free-wheeling ride. The intangible interconnection between spaces permeates a sense of adventure in the club.

Layout plan of Meland Club | X+LIVING | Shenzhen | STIRworld
Layout plan of Meland Club Image: Courtesy of X+LIVING

In the second atrium, X+Living has skillfully used the floor height to set up entertainment elements such as rotating slide and climbing rope.

  • Autumn-themed restaurant | X+Living | Shenzhen | STIRworld
    Autumn-themed restaurant Image: Shao Feng
  • Details of the restaurant, where the design expression of the thematic narrative extends | X+LIVING | Shenzhen | STIRworld
    Details of the restaurant, where the design expression of the thematic narrative extends Image: Shao Feng
  • The restroom in Meland Club, where mysterious and fantasy backgrounds merge | X+LIVING | Shenzhen | STIRworld
    The restroom in Meland Club, where mysterious and fantasy backgrounds merge Image: Shao Feng

An autumn themed restaurant is populated by natural textures and bright colours. Further a restroom in blue green walls features an ornamental hand sink that emulates the form of a fountain.

Unlike other Meland Club family parks, this one has a video gaming hall for the young population. Conceptualised in the theme of a cyberpunk palace, animated characters and bold hues manifest into a fantasy world.

“Imagination is a gift from God. However, the same and stereotyped buildings and increasingly similar cities make it impossible for us to see the dream in the square frame of the glass window,” says designer Li Xiang.

“I want to turn that hazy bubble you dream of but beyond description into a reality that can be touched.”

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