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Adam Nathaniel Furman, on identity and creativity

The Justyna Green Podcast
The artist and designer, who also writes and teaches, has exhibited his works in several cities including London, Paris, New York, Milan, Rome, Vienna and Glasgow.

by Justyna GreenPublished on : Jan 03, 2020

We meet at Adam Nathaniel Furman’s apartment in the vicinity of Regent's Park and before we start our recording, Furman explains that he only recently moved in, hence the place is still looking a bit bare. It does so by his standards, but most of us would find it generously decorated, with Furman’s sculptures, prototypes, posters and mugs scattered throughout the rooms and shelves filled with design and architecture books.

In our conversation, we discuss Furman’s multicultural upbringing and its effects on his notions of identity.  With roots in Argentina, Japan and Israel, Furman’s views on design, aesthetics and the society derive from numerous cultures, traditions, and religions, resulting in an open mind and a wealth of informed viewpoints.

We dive into the relationship between maximalist and minimalist styles and their connections to Calvinism and Catholicism. Furman also explains the differences between the Zen methodology and Shintoism and how these spiritual practices inform Japan's creative culture.

A prolific architecture commentator and designer, Furman ends our conversation with an insight into his current projects and how he translates the notion of objects telling stories, into his practice.

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