Landscape architecture – a drawing tutorial with Dan Hogman

Architect and artist Dan Hogman illustrates a component of soft landscape - the shrubs - and its presentation in architectural drawings as seen in elevation.

by Dan Hogman Published on : Aug 07, 2019

“Architecture is a form of art, or at least this is how it looks from the outside; but from the inside, we know that architects are becoming more and more building technicians, really… Art is in a way meant to compensate for the lack of art in the architecture that we do. The ultimate goal remains to combine the two,” believes Dan Hogman.

An avid architectural and urban sketcher, Hogman documents the built environment with a keen eye and a good hand, capturing the subject's macro components and the minute details in a unique perspective.

In the video here, Hogman shares the process of creating an element of a soft landscape - the shrubs - as presented in elevation. Each sketch reveals cross sections of patterns and details in immaculate precision to form and scale. He shares the art of creating these components, no matter how small they are, to add depth to the architectural compositions.

And as Hogman puts it rightly, entourage matters!

Watch this space every Wednesday for more tutorials by Dan Hogman.


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Dan Hogman

Dan Hogman

Hogman boasts of a diverse portfolio of projects - high rise commercial, residential, mixed-use, housing, institutional and master planning, employing creative solutions that are efficient, contextually appropriate and aesthetically uncompromising. An avid architectural sketcher with a sharp eye and trained hand, he focuses on capturing the essence of his design concepts in quick hand sketches or elaborate BIM models.


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