Spanish bougainvillea – a drawing tutorial with Dan Hogman

Architect and artist Dan Hogman sketches a charming bougainvillea laden Spanish door with details captivating enough to make it look real.

by Dan Hogman Published on : Aug 13, 2019

“While a photo is a direct representation of a subject, a sketch looks deeper into the author’s feeling and state of mind, at that time and place. The process of freehand sketching today is more relevant than ever. It’s not just a way to 'interpret' a subject. It’s a way of seeing, observing, understanding the space," says avid architecture and urban sketcher Dan Hogman.

In this video here, the artist brings alive a beautiful Spanish door that he probably captured during one of his many travels. The wooden batten door, with a cloud of ornamental bougainvillea on the top, is revealed in mesmerising detailing of myriad patterns and textures. The documentation of this impressive doorway by Hogman definitely calls for attention, as it hints at hiding a secret getaway.

Watch this space every Wednesday for more tutorials by Dan Hogman.


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Dan Hogman

Dan Hogman

Hogman boasts of a diverse portfolio of projects - high rise commercial, residential, mixed-use, housing, institutional and master planning, employing creative solutions that are efficient, contextually appropriate and aesthetically uncompromising. An avid architectural sketcher with a sharp eye and trained hand, he focuses on capturing the essence of his design concepts in quick hand sketches or elaborate BIM models.


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