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Sketching the National Palace Museum, Taipei - a drawing tutorial by Dan Hogman

Artist and architect Dan Hogman captures the essence of the museum as he sketches the building that has glazed roofs and sits amid the lush green surroundings.

by Dan HogmanPublished on : Nov 13, 2019

Hogman likes to sketch whenever he travels, even if he has to do without the comfort of his studio, the help from the straight edge or a photo inspiration.

This week, we bring to you his sped-up video from Taipei, which reveals the process of sketching the National Palace Museum, a must-see on any traveller's itinerary.

A treasure trove with the world’s most famous and largest collection of Chinese artefacts and artworks, National Palace Museum covers a magnificent range of paintings, calligraphy, statuary, bronzes, lacquerware, ceramics, jade and religious objects.

Spread over four floors and two exhibition halls, the museum houses some 700,000 pieces that cover multiple dynasties, with some even dating back to Neolithic times.

The museum was originally founded as the Palace Museum in the Forbidden City, China, in 1925, but in 1931 the then government ordered the evacuation of the valuable collection to prevent it from falling into the hands of Imperial Japanese Army. However, a twist of fate brought these treasures to Taiwan, where they have remained ever since.

Here, Hogman captures the essence of the subject - that sits amid the beautiful views of the surrounding mountain valley - as he sketches the building’s exterior that has jade-green tile roofs and yellow walls. The building’s design evokes the Forbidden City, the largest ancient palatial structure in the world with unique architectural design.

Watch this space every Wednesday for more tutorials by Dan Hogman.

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