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Sketching the Wilshire Boulevard Temple - a drawing tutorial by Dan Hogman

Artist and architect Dan Hogman captures a perspective of the historic Wilshire Boulevard Temple from Los Angeles, and freezes it in two-dimensional space.

by Dan HogmanPublished on : Dec 04, 2019

Dan Hogman believes that a good eye and good hand are essential skills of a good architectural designer, but as an avid architectural and urban sketcher, a sharp eye for material and form and a passion for documentary and space, is what makes his work exceptional. He captures the essence of subjects that often range from buildings of great significance to public spaces and sites, showing everyday life of contemporary cities.

In this video, he offers us a glimpse of the historic Wilshire Boulevard Temple from Los Angeles. As the oldest Jewish Congregation in the city founded in 1862, the structure boasts of impressive architectural elements and details that express grandeur and vitality. Where its façade combines a traditional Romanesque three arch portal and rose window, its interiors are adorned with black Belgian marble columns, teakwood doors, a coffer ceiling, gold alter fixtures, and stained-glass windows. Highlights from the synagogue include the stunning murals by artist Hugo Ballin that depict 3,000 years of Jewish history, and a vast Byzantine dome spanning 100 feet that rise nearly 140 feet above the street level.

Hogman, in brisk strokes of utter meticulous attention, sketches a view of the building and yet again freezes another piece of great architecture in two-dimensional space.

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