1:2500 - Scaling the city with Martand Khosla

In conversation with the artist and gallery director
STIR gets an exclusive walk-through with the artist, Martand Khosla, and gallery director Peter Nagy, at the former's monumental exhibition, titled 1:2500, at Nature Morte.

by Rahul Kumar Sep 17, 2019

Surrealistic twisted doors, towers reaching for the sky, and minimalistic yet intricate drawings - 1:2500 (One is to twenty-five hundred) comprises of all these and more. The latest one-man exhibition of artist Martand Khosla references his architectural practice. “Authoring a building is always bound by constraints, while my art work is liberating,” says Khosla. He uses salvaged wood from demolished buildings and powdered bricks for a literal and metaphorical context of ‘new-old’ of the city.

“The title references the play of the micro and macro, where a work could be seen as a model of a building or image of DNA at the same time,” explains Peter Nagy, director at gallery Nature Morte.

STIR brings an exclusive video walk-through with the artist and the gallerist.

08 min watch Michele Perlini | NO.MADE | Michele Perlini | Milan Design Week 2019| STIR
STIR in conversation with Martand Khosla and Peter Nagy at gallery Nature MorteVideo Credit: Courtesy of STIR


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